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Elena: Hold it Matt! I'm sorry, but no matter how hard you try you will never be McSteamy in Grey's Anatomy.


Elena *whispering* : Matt, calm down. It's just blood. You won't hurt anybody.

Stefan: Elena? Elena, what are you doing? I thought I was the vampire!

Elena *whipsering* : Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake. Stefan, calm down. It's just blood. You won't hurt anybody.

Matt: No, I'm a vampire too! Look, my teeth are longer! And I am so hungry! I wanna suck your blood!

*Matt opens his mouth and shows his teeth to Elena.*

Stefan: He's just trying to seduce you. Elena, I think that blood is calling me! Omg, I don't know how much I will resist! I think I will faint soon.

Matt: Yeah, look who's talking.


*Stefan and Matt are glaring daggers at one another*
Elena: Hold up! Wait a minute! Put a little love in it!


Matt: "Hey!"
Elena: "Hey!"
Matt: "And you are... a slutty nurse?"
Cady: "An "ex-girlfriend..."


Elena: "Don't you just hate it when the Halliwell sisters ruin our show by freezing us in the middle of a scene, just because Bonnie pissed them off?"


Elena: Woah, Matt. Just stop RIGHT there. I am sorry but that blood does NOT go with your outfit...


Elena: Doctor Donovan, it's not what you think it is, Stefan did not steal all the blood from the hospital fridge...
Dr. Donovan: Ms. Gilbert, we have a surgery in 10 minutes, I expect you to leave your business with Mr. Salvatore and be in the operating room in two. [pause, eyes her chest] And Elena... button up.



ELENA: Did you just say The jonas brothers and justin bieber are coming tomorrow for a one day concert in the park and I have a free ticket from you???(gets excited)

MATT: What? I said where's the bathroom...

STEFAN: They say the mind is the first thing to go....


Elena: Matt, you shouldn't judge. Stefan may be vampire, but he didn't kill anybody, while you have a foot around your neck.
Matt: Touch.
Stefan: It's touché,dude.
* Elena laughs and Matt leaves embarrassed*


hahaha to RileyFord!!

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