Louie Review: Unique, Ridiculous, Utterly Hilarious

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Excuse us for sounding like a commercial here, but Louie premiered on FX last night and it must be said: This show is unlike anything else ever seen on television.

Written, directed and produced by stand-up comic Louis C.K., the sitcom centers on this comedian's life as a divorced father of two. Two episodes aired back-to-back this week and each interspersed long stand-up sets with scripted skits that depicted the scenarios about which Louie joked.

Imagine Seinfeld, only far, far, FAR dirtier - and with even more random storylines, none of which are even meant to come together in the end.

Case in point: Louie talks about being a single man at the age of 42 (there will never be a year of his life that's better than the one before), and we then watch an odd story play out in which he tracks down a former classmate via Facebook.

Louie on Stage

By far the most unique aspect of these opening installments was the first seven minutes of episode-two. In it, viewers simply watch Louie and his friends rip on each around the poker table.

But the conversation soon focuses on the one gay man present, who explains the concept of "city jerks" in detail (think about it), only to then give a serious speech about the origins of the word "faggot" and whether or not it's appropriate to use in an act.

Incredibly, this doesn't come across as preachy or cheesy or even out of place, even though it follows Louie's question about what sort of footwear one must wear at a these gatherings, considering the sticky puddles on the ground (Timberlands, he asks?).

I've got nothing to compare the scene to, but I do know I could have sat back and watched an entire episode devoted to this poker game.

While Louie is hilarious on stage, a few of the scripted scenarios missed the mark. With the exception of an offensive line regarding which children's faces should be closer to the windows of a school bus in Harlem, the few minutes devoted to Louie as a chaperone on his daughter's field trip wasn't particularly funny.

But as a TV critic who watches more hours of the small screen each week than I care to admit, Louie is utterly unique - and that's enough of a reason to watch it every Tuesday night.

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