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You all need to calm down... lmao It's just a show, it's entertaining, no matter how much we hate some of it. As long as the show makes you all feel something it's good. Don't get so worked up. Because fighting on this website is a waste of time, everyone has their own opinions... that's life.


Yes, I am totally selita and jenny. I changed my use of capitalization and punctuation to write jenny's post, so it would be less obvious, but you got me though, damn it!
As we are at it you should know I am also "clouds like bubbles", everyone else that ever said anything against Chuck/Blair and wrote some of the super nutty pro Chuck/Blair comments on here, just to make you look bad.

The ratings after 3x18 probably increased because it was a pretty solid episode, and decreased after 3x19 because it was really boring. The ratings after 3x12 probably decreased because of the long hiatus, lack of promotion and people giving up on the show after the first half of the season. The writing is bad. That's why half of the viewership bailed on the show within the last two years. Not because Chuck and Blair broke up four episodes ago.


in season 4 i realy hope to see dan and serena get back together, i love them 2 as a couple and i thought that the season finale between them was realy cute when you could see that dan still had feelings for her and booked a flight to paris, awwww :) but georgina was again came back to spoil things between them, bitch haha but she is great for drama in the show :) cant wait for season 4 to start :)


peonies, ILY, don't waste your time on Chair fappers.


OHH I see your point:):)
you love to manipulate your boyfriend to have a gaykiss only for having nothing but you can never accept your boyfiends manipulation to make you have sex with someone rapist you have already slept with and called it comfort sex in your down mood times.
we aren't talking about a Blair ,the most honest character of the show but her bf manipulated her.sorry but Blair deserved everything after having sex with uncle Jack secretly and called it comfort sex;call that uncle again secretly again;manipulate Chuck to have gaykiss for nothing.
Blair isn't saint,she is also as manipulative as Chuck ,they are too much alike and thats why they are meant to be together.CHAÄ°R HAS TO BE A COUPLE AGAÄ°N FOR THE SHOWS OWN GOOD.


oh and CB fan i want to add.
when chair break up in 3x18 and cw release chair forever promo to do damage control. the rating goes back up at 2 million. and after that chair hasn't gotten back together the rating is fall again at 1.7.


you are completely true.As peonies by herself admitted also,the ratings decreased after 3x12.it was when 3x19 scripts leaked during the winter hiatus,people learned that Chuck and Blair were going to break up so they started to complain and threatened that they are going to stop watching the show.Finally they did ,and ratings started to drop episode by episode, thats why CW needed to air a 1 min. Chair forever promo.I hope they learned their lesson well and on s4 they could give Chair more screentime together instead of making them supportive characters.and reunit them asap.


The hugest decrease is right after 3x12, an episode that fans basically called "BEST EPISODE FOR CHAIR EVAAR"

Seriously? Did you forget that during the hiatus was when the news of the Chair breakup from the 3x19 sides that were leaked online came out.




you said Chuck and Blair aren't the cause the rating dropped?
then lets take out Chuck and Blair from GG and see what will happen....

i would love to see that happen. then i can leave this crappy show for once and peacefully.
then GG would be full of crap.
leigh and ed save this show.

you are so right.
they are def the same person. peonies. just look at the time. it's almost the same time they are posting.

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