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hahaha yes im peonies lol

everyone is peonies yay!


What I would like to see in season 4:

Blair and Chuck teaming up to take down Jack for good. Jack already messed up with them 2 times and it pisses me off. Blair and Chuck are supposed to be the manipulative, evil, smart ones, not the ones that get played everytime. I want my fierce, bitch, evil Chair back, and I want them to be evil and plot TOGETHER, not against each other

Blair and Chuck hot and sexy scenes. NS and DV got a lot of sexy scenes this season, and Chair not even one? WTF

I really feel that the writers sabotaged cb on purpose this season, or they are really dumb. it's sad how they ruined such great characters and amazing couple in season 3,


It's so weird what they did with Chuck and Blair this season, and Im not only talking about them as a couple, but individual characters too. In the first half of the season Chuck was acting way too old for his age, and Blair like a 5 year old girl. They made Blair so dumb and Chuck so boring. In the second half of the season Chuck was completly OOC, like, selling Blair out to his uncle? REALLY? WTF? Its sad how the writers didnt make CB team up and take Jack down, And It just seemed like the writers made a real point of no sex for CB. And I can't for the life of me think WHY... Really, season 3 sucked, and I wanna believe that in season 4 they are gonna rebuild CB and make them amazing and epic again but I have zero faith on the writers and producers. They only care about OMG moments. And I find funny how Josh said he loves the passion, well, to me and a lot of people the OMG moments are just killing the passion and love for the show. I really dont care that much anymore. Why should I? It's clear the writers and producers dont care and will do whatever they want to create stupid and contrived drama.


Best Charactors : Chuck and Blair
Worst Charactors: Chuck and Blair
They were really hit or miss this past season. Chuck with no sex drive in the beginning (lame) acting almost lake Blairs Father instead of her boyfriend (lame) His angst scenes were perfect as usual....but he never showed any passion for Blair....and the screwy way she was acting in the first half...I don't blame him. Second half is where they both shine as actors...but I agree with alot of people on here that it would have been nice to see them written better as a couple then they were...NO HOT SCENES...I JUST DON'T GET IT??? and when their sex life was referenced...it was always something kinky..."punishment, Anna Karena, everyone knows in threesomes the third person is always a stranger" Really Blair? I thought she was a little more straight laced then that lol. ...I mean the writers really do need to read some fanfic out there.(which is sad, they should be the ones inspiring the fan fic writers) Then in the second half..Chuck doing what he did...needed an explanation for the audience...because he was just so outta charactor from the first half...good drama but no continuity.
Best guest star: Georgie and CeCe..Please MORE CeCe
favorite episodes: lost boy, thanksgiving, debarted, last tango
Next season:
I really don't see how they can redeem chuck...Blair might get over it and take him back...I just don't know how they can be that special to each other anymore esp after shes said they deserved each other because they hit rock bottom...like they're never gonna be wanted by anyone else...(those kinds of remarks don't make for epic relationships) they just sound like two losers stuck with one another lol..they were suppose to understand each other..this season they were clueless at the end. And Chuck will not have any real family left..Rufus and Dan won't want him...Lily loves him but will have to choose rufus...I don't know, it will be interesting to see how they resolve all of the bullshit


Can't you read? Just for you, I'll copy and paste:

"As we are at it you should know I am also "clouds like bubbles", everyone else that ever said anything against Chuck/Blair and wrote some of the super nutty pro Chuck/Blair comments on here, just to make you look bad."

kosi said something against Chuck/Blair, so of course it was me. Why are you even questioning that? Guys, really.
Oh, if I were you I wouldn't agree to HDD - she is one of the fake posts I did to make Chair fans look super nutty.


totaly agree!!

now people are prob going to think your this peonies person, but you have to admitt it looks like your this person too right now. (enough time to make a profile)

it looks like they are the same person to me. how pathetic


Worst character: Vanessa. GET HER OFF THE SHOW, PLEASE.

Also, that's not Dan's baby.


I dont agree. I didnt like season 3, I would give it a D. It was awful. Chuck and Blair are still the best characters but that's because Nate, Serena, Dan and Vanessa are some of the worst characters I have ever seen on TV. Nate and Serena are so dull, and Dan and Vanessa are boring, judgmental, couldnt care less about them. And I love chair but the writers really dont know how to write them, and it annoys me because they are amazing character and the actors are great, why underuse them like they did in season 3? And Chuck selling Blair out to his rapist uncle? WTF were the writers smoking? And instead of making Chuck redeem himself they just kept destroying his characters. Jenny and Chuck was such a stupid move, like all the main characters have to hook up with each other? I really dont fell like watching season 4. Im sure next is gonna be Dan and Blair or Chuck and Serena hooking up and no way Im gonna keep watching such an awful show.


@jane and @lmao

just because there is more than one person posting things against chair doesn't mean they are all the same person



aww i'm glad you are admitting your double post as another person.

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