Gossip Girl Caption Contest 109

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Welcome, Upper East Siders, to the 109th edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

This week's Caption Contest winner is humptastic! The winning entry appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to Blair215, M and dal16.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck next week ...

Thorn in Their Side

Jenny: Looks like you've just cooked a HumpFRY.

Serena: And you just walked through the van der WOODSen.

Nate: And you just arched your BALLS...?

Gossip Girl: Good try my kiddies, but only one person can have a catchphrase like that, and that would be Chuck Bass' "you've just hooked yourself a Bass." Better hop on the creativity train, because in good time, you'll stand out as much as Jenny's makeup. Better luck next time.

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Serena: OMGG!*
Nate: Oh no you didn't!
Jenny: I so totally did.
Nate: If Chuck finds out...*shivers*
Serena: I can't believe you stole Chucks scarf.... *OMGG= Oh my Gossip Girl


*Nate and Serena in shock*
Nate: Seriously, Jenny, how could you.
Serena: Yeah, how could you be so irresponsible. You really done i this time. There's no going back now.
Jenny: Now hold on you guys..
Nate: No Jenny, you just don't mock Chuck's scarf. It's just wrong.


Jenny: No guys, I'm not leaving untill you admit it!
Nate: Just give it up, Jenny.
Serena *a little in shock*: Yeah, were not gonna cross the dark side.
Jenny: But team Edward is so much better than team Jacob!


SERENA: Oh my God Nate! It’s a racoon!!!
NATE: I know, it followed me from Central Park!
SERENA: What do we do?
(Nate and Serena begin slowly backing away)
NATE: Don't...make...any...sudden...movements
JENNY: You guys, it’s me Jenny.
NATE: It’s spotted us! Run! Run!


Jenny: Guys, please help...someone has stolen my pants.
Serena: That's just a top? I thought it was a dress.
Jenny: No, Serena. I leave the hooker outfits to you.
Nate: Right...o.k...ummm...I'll check under Chuck's bed...and Serena...you check Agnes's apartment...she likes to steal Jenny's clothes after all.
Serena: Did she just call me a hooker?
Nate: No, of course not. Quick get to Agnes's before she burns the pants. Quick!


Nate: Jenny..is that..makeup remover?!


Nate: Oh my - she's really outdone herself this time
Serena: Um, that's an interesting new look.
Blair: Okay fine, I bough a wig and took some of Jenny's clothes because she is gone and I'm going to dress up as her and make a huge scandal.


S: Nate, why is jenny here?!
N: Serena, calm down, i only called her so she could throw this racoon out of my house, since they look alike, i thought they could relate...


Jenny: Okay, I'll settle this once and for all! I have the best hair!
Nate: Oh my God... she's serious.


J: I'm the ghost of future Christmas

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