A.J. Cook: Out of Criminal Minds

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After five seasons as a main cast member on Criminal Minds, A.J. Cook has been dropped from the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS chose not to pick up the actress' contract option for next season, citing financial concerns as the chief reason for this shake-up. Cook has portrayed the character of Jennifer Jareau since 2005.

A.J. Cook

Elsewhere, fellow cast member Paget Brewster will likely remain a series regular. However, she'll appear in fewer episodes that most seasons due, once again, to budgetary concerns.

** UPDATE: A source now says Cook was let go for "creative" reasons and a new actress will come aboard the series.

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ya'll spend soooooooooo much on the stupid reality shows, life is real enough & criminal minds with the CURRENT cast is great. why "fix" something that isn't broke ?? tnt did the same thing with saving grace. i'm going back to more books @ least the authors are true to their fans, unlike these networks. idiotas


this sucks, period!


I just heard they are dropping JJ from the show. This is one of the worst moves they've made since letting Gideon go. The show has a terrific group of actors now. Isn't this one of the most popular shows on TV? If so how can there be financial concerns? If any character should go, it should be Rossi. In my opinion he brings nothing to the show.


STUPID MOVE on getting rid of JJ on Criminal Minds & Stella on CSI NY. Just goes to show how STUPID CBS really is. They are killing those two shows. Bring back STELLA & JJ


One more viewer lost. I watched because of the cast - their interaction was fantastic. There is no way that can be duplicated with this cast change. I will continue to watch repeats on AE (seasons 1 - 5)but good bye CBS.


Put it this way - you can't keep having a brilliant criminal minds series without a shake-up. I wasn't even sad to see Gideon go. Rossi is great in the team. And I wasn't sad to see Elle go either. In all honesty, the only two characters which, by leaving, would spell an end for the team for me are Reid and Morgan. They kind of make the show with their weirdness.


JJ is boring. Too sweet, too easy to relate to. I want a dynamic character, a messed up character, like you'd find in real life. I'm GLAD they're cutting her out. I quite like Jordon Todd because she has issues which make the show interesting. I'm gonna be even more glued to my TV from now on!


Ok, This is CBS, one of the top 3 largest stations in the media world, and carries the a Show that alot of people say has a larger fanbase than CSI or NCIS, or any other cop show out their! This show is actually what go me interested in in Criminal Profiling, taking online classes and so fourth! I believe that taking to me the face of the BAU, JJ, it will be horrible, and limiting the screen time of Emily, take a look at your fan base! U are going to loose a ton of ur male viewers, now dont get me wrong, Garcia is, by no dought my FAVORITE actor on the show, but ur not going to keep the men watching just for P.G. My mom and I ONLY watch the episodes with AJ, and Prentise. We dont even watch the ones that say have Gorgin filling in for AJ, or even the first 2 seasons, the seasons with Elle Greanway, we do NOT even watch those! The cast that you have right now, I would say has the largest fanbase of all ur other season! U dont go and mess up something that is working fine! A agree with some of the others on here, why do u need to have these guest stars that you pay more than all the other cast combines to just come on and do one episode! Take all that guest spots away, or take them all away until the season finale, and just let the star celebrities, be on that instead of throughout the season here and there. To me, I had rather not know who the UnSub is, and be surprised at the end as well, even if they are just first time actors! Please rething the decision of letting A.J. Cook go, she again like i said is the face of the CM family, and the same with Paget, not putting her but in certain episodes, its just wrong and I believe that the taking away of these 2 EXTREMELY TALENTED ACTRESSES from the Criminal Minds family, will be an extremely bad idea. I see ABC and the other networks bringing new shows almost every new season, along with the original programming! I am not in the business of TV, but to me, taking one of the MOST loved and addictive shows on TV, played on atleast over 4 different stations besides CBS during the week! More than anyother Crime Show on tv. Please, dont screw up a show that is already working great, because the next thing you know, we will be hearing the Shows Final Finale, not just the Season Finale, it will be gone! I am just a stupid fan of the show, but have seen this happen to SO many other shows, and there are im sure alot of CM fans that will probably agree with me on this! PLEASE rethink the decision before making it a perminant thing! Thank you!


A.J and Prentiss? What are you like trying to ruin my life? They are my favorite characters! Why not try reducing guest stars, and reducing the victims? Not cutting off JJ! Not reducing Prentiss's appearances.. Ugh.. That is quite sexist. You lost my love CM.


I'm really sadden for CM is one of my favorites and taking AJ off is a bad move. Don't ruin a good thing going. CBS you are not that strong in that time slot and if you keep fooling around with a great show, you will loose viewers. Don't loose AJ!!!


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