A.J. Cook: Out of Criminal Minds

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After five seasons as a main cast member on Criminal Minds, A.J. Cook has been dropped from the show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS chose not to pick up the actress' contract option for next season, citing financial concerns as the chief reason for this shake-up. Cook has portrayed the character of Jennifer Jareau since 2005.

A.J. Cook

Elsewhere, fellow cast member Paget Brewster will likely remain a series regular. However, she'll appear in fewer episodes that most seasons due, once again, to budgetary concerns.

** UPDATE: A source now says Cook was let go for "creative" reasons and a new actress will come aboard the series.

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How can you keep destroying the show???? Get Paget Brewster back!!! This new one on the show sucks. A.J. and Paget are the one's that make the team work, along with the others. Without both of them, we'll just quit watching, I know a number of others will too.


It appears that network executives cannot tolerate success. Criminal Minds was a well-written, intelligent show. The cast had a certain synergy. Now, that has been destroyed. Maybe, CBS wants to finance more 'reality shows' where the contestants eat worms. Thank Goodness for DVDs


My favorite show "Ciminal Minds". When are we going to see new episodes? As for J.J., you letting her go for not being creative, what the hell does that mean? As far as Emily, I like her too. CBS you don't know what you are doing. I guess I'll have to watch another show. As far as the new girl, she is trying to imitate J.J. and she can't act.


the newest member of the team is certainly not j.j. my family all enjoys the show very, very much but the new girl just isn't one of them, and now cutting down prentices time is awful again, what;s next if it is not broke dont fix it teresa


So stupid. i hope the producers are hearing all the complaints about this.. I hope you feel like shit for doing this to aj's fans. NO MORE CRIMINAL MINDS.


When is CM going to be consistent again? Just a few new episodes and re-showing old episodes is getting boring.
Keep the original cast, they are all unique and I love everyone of them. No new heavyweight actors. The original crew is what makes me watch CM and I am a very old woman. Please start showing new episodes and keep the original cast. Thank you!


Why mess with a good thing? I got interested in the show because of the blend of men and women kicking a** together. "JJ" gave a human side to the story each week. All of the women made you realize that there is a good and bad side to life. Women relate to women better in some situations. You already have "Garcia" and "Prentiss" seen in so few scenes. Are you saying that women have no place in a crime show? Does anybody realize that?? Making it an all "men" show will definitely ruin the show and before you know it, SERIES FINALE!!!


I just watched my last episode of Criminal Minds, because some idiot or idiots at CBS have made an unconscionably STUPID mistake.


I just watched AJ's last show. As usual she was great. As a female I don't need less women and more macho. CBS has lost their mind. We all know that the studios are, mainly, run by men. Like so many others I bid a fond adieu to CM.


I've been watch Criminal Mind as long as it been on, it really hurt that A J Cook will no longer be a part of the crew any more. Good luck A J you do have fans that love you. Remember when one door close another one open.


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