90210 Caption Contest: Volume XIII

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For the first time in the history of the 90210 Caption Contest, we've awarded this week's winner to the very first entrant.

Indeed, no one could top user Fran's submission, posted underneath the photo below. That probably was akin to what Rob Estes thought throughout his time on the show, as we can't really blame him for leaving.

As always, thanks to everyone that participated and best of luck next time!

Naomi Caption Pic

Harry: This paint brush has gotten more screen time than I have this season. I'm outta here!

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naomi: uhm mr wilson when i said i wanted to do some cleaning to pimp my resumee to get into college i kinda thought of something like the gulf of mexico and not the school court!


naomi.what are you staring at principal.uhh .....nothing naomi.ya sure, why dont you go stick that paint brush up your ass principal. NAOMI PICK UP THIS TRASH AND MEET ME IN MY OFFICE NAOMI.im pretty sure i picked up all the trash principal.. really why dont you go look in a mirror than get back to me


Ah just like last season where B had to clean up trash, the west coast Queen Bee (N) does communtiy service for offending a teacher....Oh Naomi, don't you know picking up trash is well, trashy, so here are some things to keep in mind my gossip crazies:
1. Don't haze/sexually harass a teacher
2. Think before doing
you know you love me
gossip girl


Harry: Now, Naomi, since you're in the COMMUNITY, now it's time for the SERVICE!


Naomi suddenly realised she was more alike her idol, Naomi Campbell, than in name alone...


Naomi: Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole courtyard is looking at me, i hit the floor next thing ya know shawty's got low low low low low low low low.... HARRY: Singing and dancing is not making up for your community service, but just between you and me, nice ass! naomi..........................:{


Harry : The way that orange vest compliments your shape...if I was Mr.Cannon, I'd be all over that!


NAOMI: Mr. wILson, why are you holding the paint brush there? Because I KNOW that whatever's dripping on the ground is not paint... HARRY: JIZZZ IN MY PANTS! (SNL reference)


harry: ou should put that is the trash can not the palstic bag!!!!
niomi: but ivyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'S not here in her last season channel boots


NAOMI: Oww my CRAMPS are KILLING me! Mr. Wilson, I can't pick up the trash my period hurts! HARRY: Uhh...umm...well...yeah just uh go home then and take care of it....I'll paint over the grafitti for you ...take care(leaves) NAOMI(straigtens up): Works every time!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.