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When it comes to this Thursday's season finale of The Vampire Diaries, we've got you covered. On TV Fanatic, you can...

... check out two clips from "Founder's Day."

... sort through photos from the episode;

... and even place your bets in our Vampire Diaries death pool because, we're sorry to say, at least one character WILL die this week.

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As for specific plot developments, E! News reports that viewers should brace themselves for the following three events:

  1. A murder
  2. A car accident
  3. A hot kiss

Which characters are involved in which scenarios? That's up to readers to debate, but we're guessing many of you out there are hoping Elena and Damon are the focal points of item number-three, aren't you?

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@ VampireGirl The producers already said that Alaric is safe and have talked publicly about continuing to develop Tyler's Werewolf story line "the family curse" in the next season. Stating that Tyler must first "do something" to trigger the transformation. And that "he has not done that yet." So Tyler and Alaric are very unlikely.


There is going to be a love triangle for sure and Elena will develop feelings for Damon - and in the books even more happens...but I know the series does not follow the books exactly However the writers of series confirmed main love triangle to be Elena, Damon and Sfefan...note ven Katherine involved... I am Delena all the way...hope they kiss but I kind of get a hunch they wont :( Stefan is just BORING....


Though I'm hoping for a Delena kiss, I don't think it will happen since Elena is still not romantically attracted to Damon (Well, not YET anyway.) But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!


Sry for my bad english


@ Ana and Surya: TVD is based on books so whether you like it or not eventually there will be a love triangle. And why are alot of people acting like stephan is some saint damon is the devil? I think we learned these past episodes that it's not black and white. About the kiss I hope it's Delena. But i don't want Elena to just dump stephan to be with damon. Because she still loves stephan.
I want theam to build up there realationship to the point where Elena realises that she really loves damon.


I think the murder will be Alaric cause ive been researching into next season and i can't see a mention of his OR Tylers name! I dont really care for Tyler or Alaric all that much. Tyler has had small amount in the show and Alaric, well hes kinda boring now so not much of a miss. As for kiss i think it will be Damon and Elena but have different sence of meaning. (think like bella and jacob in eclipse, but elena doesnt LOVE damon but there are some sort of feelings there.) Car accident.... I was leaning towards Jeremy some how?


#3 - Well if it's between Elena and Stefan, we've seen THAT before. I hope it's a cross we haven't seen. That's all I can say.


Delena can't be together!!! It would be 1864 all over again!!! A woman between 2 brothers.. so not original!!! Why all of you Delena fans want Stefan to suffer? Why exactly Damon NEEDS Elena more than Stefan? Stefan tries the best for everyone, has chosen a life away from the easy vampire way, he loves Elena truly and in the end he would lose his true love from his evil brother? Why on earth would someone hate him that much? I love Damon don't get me wrong but I cannot see how he would be with Elena...


I really hope it's not delena kissing!!! I'm a huge Stelana fan but I recognise that Delena has chemistry... But... Elena LOVES Stefan!!! Deal with it!!! And how exactly could Damon and Elena end up together? In the final episodes she would tell Stefan "You know, I actually love your brother" and that's it? No!!! 'Cause she loves Stefan!!! And I'm not telling that she has no feelings for Damon, she does!!! But her love for Stefan is more!!!


I hope it's bamon that have a surprise kiss but I know it's not going to be's probably Tyler and caroline

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