The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Isobel"

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Is Isobel a villain or, in her own way, a hero?

Does Damon really love Elena?

Who will die on next week's season finale?

We tackle all this "Isobel" related questions and more in this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table. We encourage readers to sound off on the topics below...

On a scale of 1-10, how evil is Isobel?
M.L. House: 7.5. I believe that she has Elena's best interests in mind, but she's uninformed. How can an absentee mother know what's best for her daughter? Just stay out of it, Isobel. You lost the right to have a say in Elena's life as soon as you gave her up for adoption.

LJ Gibbs: 9. I can only speak as a human being - and in order to remain a vampire, Isobel has been feeding on my kind. We even saw this week what she did to those two poor slaves (teaching them French, the horror!). Isobel may have regard for her daughter, but she has no regard for human life.

The Barnacle: 5. We've only seen things from the perspective of Elena and the Salvatores. But for an outsider, especially one with ties to Elena (such as, you know, squeezing her through her birth canal), I can't fault Isobel too much for doing what she thinks is right.

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Is Damon actually in love with Elena?
M.L. House: Of course. Did he ever deny it?

LJ Gibbs: Yes. Damon knows it, Stefan knows it, but it seems like Elena realized it for the first time last night. Based on their recent interactions, she may have to think long and hard about whether or not she reciprocates these feelings.

The Barnacle: No. It's still all about Katherine for him. That's all he sees when he looks at Elena. Heck, I'd "love" my own aunt if she resembled Megan Fox.

How much does Bonnie suck?
M.L. House: Not as much as you might think. As I said in my first answer, she is only looking out for the best interests of Elena and the other residents of Mystic Falls. Just think about it: Can you really say the town woudldn't be safer without vampires around?

LJ Gibbs: A LOT. No one is saying she had to reverse the spell. Just explain your reasons why you won't do it and leave it at that. Don't lie to your BFF and set up a scenario where you might help kill her boyfriend. Not cool, B.

The Barnacle: She doesn't suck at all. In fact, that's her motive for wanting to do away with vampires: so no one in Mystic Falls can suck anymore.

Who will die on the season finale?
M.L. House: John. But Elena won't learn he's her father until after his death, causing her to get angry at Stefan and run into the arms of Damon.

LJ Gibbs: Bonnie. She'll come to regret the lie detailed above and sacrifice herself in order to save Stefan's life.

The Barnacle: Matt. It has to be someone close to Elena, for full emotional shock, and no way can it be Stefan or Damon. Matt is nice, but definitely expendable.

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IS DAMON ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH ELENA - I think its a crush. His true love is Kathering and Elena just reminds him of her.
HOW MUCH DOES BONNIE SUCK? - Not much.. . she is doing what she thinks is best.
ON A SCALE OF 1-10, HOW EVIL IS ISOBEL? - 10. I think she is selfish.


Damon is totally in love with Elena, and I think that have some SERIOUS FRICKIN CHEMISTRY. Also, note, I'm totally pissed at Bonnie at this point.
I mean really?
Its one thing to choose not to support vampires and your best friend's relationship with one,
But its another thing entirely to lie to your best friend and manipulate them into basically handing over the very thing that could kill them.
GOD, she is just way too self righteous and that was a MALICIOUS move.
Yeah, I wouldn't ever forgive you either, cupcake. And also, if Matt died that would be a lot of death and dysfunction in that family....
first Vicki, and then the moms all over the place, and then her OTHER kid dies?
That'd be a little much...
If Bonnie dies, I mean I can't say I'd be too pissed, but it'd be annoying to have to watch Elena mope and groan about it for half the next season-- unless of course, any of the above options they listed allows Damon and Elena to finally begin the amaaazingly hot relationship you know they'd have. :)


1. i think she is actually good,but she just doesn't want to show it 2.he is totaly inlove with her,i think maybe it was catherine at first but when they danced he actually saw elena,and when he looks at her and how he defended her i think he loves her and even though he still holds for catherine,if she shows he will defend elena again.3. i don't think she suxs but she shouldn't lie to elena she even everything is her BFF. 4. I think john will die 5




Eeeehh so so... I mean you gave that girl for adoption and now you wanna kill her true love? So not cool!!!
Damon is in love with Elena but he does't really know it yet... I mean Stefan is completely over Katherine and does love Elena but I'm not usre about Damon... I don't think he's over Katherine... Not yet...
I don't think she sucks... But she shouldn't lie!!! That was definately not good!!! On the other hand she does want to protect her town... She could do it with another way... She shouldn't lie!!!
I think John will die... But the death everyone's expecting will be... I'm in between two... Matt and Caroline!!! I would prefer Matt to die between them... But I hope I'm wrong and neither of them dies!!!


@lah I read the books but the producers and writers have already said that they won't turn Elena in the first season, so it's not her.


wow, no one has read the books have they. I have to say, yes Elena will definitely be the one to go. There is just so much more to happen. But don't worry Elena comes back and the love triangle stays intact.Hold on to your seats. Season 2 is gonna be a real shocker.


If matt dies I will cry! Don't DON'T DON'T kill one the man characters that have been on the show since the first few episodes. Anytime someone kills a main character the first season the show just goes down hill. And I love this show WAY TO MUCH to have a down hill season 2.


Bonnie does suck. But I always thought she sucked.
Has it occurred to anyone as a possibility that maybe the person who dies, doesn't actually die. Maybe they die but become a vampire. Possibly Jeremy. Could be a far fetched theory, but it could also be a possibility.
I'd like to think Damon is in love with Elena. While in the end I guess she should wind up with Stefan, a Damon and Elena relationship needs to happen. And I'd love to see Damon screw Katherine over for Elena.

Kimberly anne

The episode made my night the minute Isobel said Damon is in love with Elena. I love them together. I hate Stefan with a passion. Damon and Elena all the way!!!

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Damon: You successfully cured him of anything interesting about his personality.
Elena: Remember who helped me.
Damon: I hate myself.

Alaric: How could I not search for you?
Isobel: Because I wasn't lost, Ric.