The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 7

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Welcome to the seventh edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, our fun Friday tradition! 

Our winner this week is Riles. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions: KelseyRemi, mackenzie and lisalovesgg. Thanks to all for playing!

Good luck in next week's Caption Contest!

Jeremy and John

Jeremy: What's so special about your ring anyway?
John: I was a Delta Nu! Now let me teach you the "Bend and Snap"

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Jo: i'd choose twilight over this anytime...
Jer: Really? i would go with true blood...
Jo: yeah , that Skarsgard-kid is smokin!i would bite that suckezz neck any day!
akward silence....
Jer: oookeej, i'm gonna go now. away from here... anywhere.


John: Jeremy....
Jeremy: Yes.. ?
John: That greasy emo hairstyle is really doing nothing for you.


Jeremy: Man uncle John you are such a douche!


John- I have to tell you something I..
Jeremy- You're gay??!!
John wait.. what???
Jeremy- Cant believe you lied to me..


John: I've never been able to tell anyone else. My secret has remained hidden for years nows. My biggest passion... I love o tapdance.
Jeremy: ... seriously? So the males in the Gilbert family who I'll probably end up like include a failed inventor and a 40 year old billy elliot??? Great.


jer : I don't undertand, could i really be killed off next Thursday?


Not so much a caption as a playscript... Jeremy: My older sister is adopted, but you're her father which makes her my cousin. My aunt is going out with my history teacher who doesn't die, like you. You two have both slept with Isobel who is a vampire, turned by Damon who is the brother of Elena's boyfriend Stefan who is also a vampire. My girlfriend is a vampire, and you killed her mother. John: Well, for many years now I have had a secret love of tapdancing! Jeremy:... seriously? John: I'd suggest we go on US Jeremy Kyle, but a) it's not airing until next year b) we only have one more episode until the season finale in which you might die, and c) they only ever have four chairs out at a time... Jeremy: I might die?


jeremy: what's whith all the leather jackets? it was okay when just damon wore them, but then stefan started wearing them, then elena, then alaric and now you?
john: it's a very long, complicated process....
-weird silence-
john: so how 'bout them vampires?


jeremy : "What do you mean there's only one more episode before the summer hiatus? has the cw gone mad?"


Jeremy: so uncle john what did you do this last years?
John: first i joined some terrorists groups and killed some of my partners when i wanted, then i discovered that i didn't get hurt and last year i learned that amazing things can happen in only 24 hours
jeremy: you know you remind me of the guy that appeared on the fist cross over from grey's anatomy to private practice

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