The Mentalist Review: "Red Letter"

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Since we only have one more episode left until the season is over - we are a little surprised and disappointed that the writers would leave Red John out basically the entire season!

"Red Letter" did not get us any closer into finding out who Red John is and what he wants - and we know we don't stand alone in wanting more! This mysterious psycho/serial killer is what sets The Mentalist apart from other crime scene shows and one of the main reasons why we love it! So our question is why?

Nothing like a good cup of joe

This week we definitely could have gone for something that teased us about Red John, but there wasn't even a mention of him. From the previews, we know that finally we will get a meeting with him, but what gives!?

Other then being annoyed by how this ended played out, we were a bit confused why Russell would pretend that Hector slept with his own daughter! That is just gross and couldn't he just as easily blackmailed Hector with any old prostitute action? Why did he have to take the incestuous route?

Jane's love connected?

Bringing Kristina again in as a romantic interest for Jane was interesting, but we still like the idea of having Jane and Lisbon hook up. What do you think? Are you team Kristina or team Lisbon?

All in all we weren't too impressed with this week's episode and if anything we confused by the new character's involvement - mainly the leader of the coalition. He was a bad guy, yet Jane knew in a moment that he wasn't the killer. Very strange.

If anything, we've been looking forward to this year's season finale ALL season long!

What did you think of last night's episode? Did you love it or were you also bored/confused by it? Leave your thoughts below!

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Jane: Kristina, that's with a K right? Wanna grab some coffee? | permalink
Jane: Well I guess I have no choice, but to bring you along with me.
Kristina: You think you manipulated me into coming with you.
Jane: No I don't. I think you manipulated me into thinking I manipulated you into coming with me. | permalink
Hightower: She likes you.
Jane: What?
Hightower: The blonde one and you like her. | permalink
Jane: Thank you for your tea - very tasty. | permalink
Ilsa: I'm really not big on this type of thing.
Jane: Neither am I. | permalink

Red Letter Review

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