How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Review: "Doppelgangers"

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This has probably been our least favorite season of How I Met Your Mother to date. That said, despite an up-and-down year, most episodes are enjoyable on their own merit.

Last night's season finale, "Doppelgangers," certainly fit that description. It wasn't stellar, but also wasn't bad, with enough great lines and heartwarming moments to work.

The premise? Marshall and Lily struggle with whether to try for a baby, which they obviously left to chance - whether the universe presents them with Barney's doppelganger).

Also, Robin finally chooses to let relationships win over her career, only to end up heartbroken when she turns down the dream job in Chicago, for Don ... who takes the job.

Ted dyes his hair blonde, with predictably lame results, while Barney embarks on a quest to stop Robin, Ted and Lily, then pulls a 180 and masquerades as a doppelganger.

Not that funny an episode, especially after the riot that was "The Wedding Bride," but entertaining enough, and without any of the typical, forced season finale plot devices.

It's Party Time, Baby

Every couple's moment of conception should be so magical.

Robin's grand emotional decisions seem tired at this point, although we did enjoy Ted's blonde hair saving us from what would have been a predictable hookup with his dejected BFF.

Marshall and Lily's ongoing debate over whether they are ready for kids wasn't all that funny or compelling, to be honest, but the resolution was at least sweet, and pretty appropriate.

Sage older Ted said it best - we only see what we want to see when we're ready to see it. For these two, it looks like they finally see what they want to see at the same time: A family.

If the episode was a little boring, it was refreshing at the same time in that it lacked cliched, grandiose plots and cliffhangers that basically tease next season and conclude nothing.

Watching the charismatic, funny five-some do its thing is enough. While we hope for more continuity and advancement of the Mother storyline next season, Season Five ended fittingly. 

Follow the jump for How I Met Your Mother quotes from the finale ...

Ted: We've all been searching for the five doppelgangers, right? Well eventually, over time, we all become our own doppelgangers. These completely different people who just happen to look like us. Five years ago? That girl was pretty great. But doppelganger Robin? She's amazing. | permalink
Barney: Kids!? No! Don't have kids! The rule is no kids until you're at least 45. Don't you EVER read my blog? It's gotten a lot better. | permalink
Barney: Estonia would close out the Baltics! | permalink
Barney: No! Time out! This is a group decision! You can't just move to Chicago unless we all say it's okay!
Ted: Barney, I think this has to be Robin's-
Barney: Stay out of this Brigitte Nielsen or Dolph Lundgren from Rocky IV! | permalink
Lily: I know what's bothering you. The cabbie just didn't look enough like Barney.
Marshall: Well that's just not true. | permalink
Marshall: But you were the fifth doppelganger! How can you be ... you? I called you, we had a whole conversation, Barney, what happened?
Barney: Ah, yes. I know what happened. People at work have this very strange expectation that I, well, work. I know, I know. So to make my colleagues think I'm busting my hump while I'm really out humping busty chicks, I decided to record a special recording.
Marshall: How can it be a recording, you called me Big Chief, my special workplace nickname?
Barney: Oh, buddy. | permalink
Robin: The never ending battle of my life. Career vs. romance. | permalink
Ted: Let's just say there were some senior citizens who attempted to "drown" on my watch ... and sadly one who did. | permalink
Marshall: Ted, I love you buddy, but there is no way you can pull off blonde.
Lily: Seriously, Ted, don't do it.
Ted: I'm going blonde!
Lily: Awwww.
Marshall: That is NOT the outcome we were hoping for. | permalink
Ted: Fun fact. Highest rated Monty and Moo-Moo episode ever. | permalink
Don: [to Robin] Before I met you I'd given up on everything. Relationships. Career. Pants. | permalink
Marshall: I can't wait to tell the gang. This is one of those moments you dream about! Guys ... Lily and I ... are having unprotected sex. I just got the chills. | permalink
Barney: You guys bangin'? Keep goin', I'm not even here. But just for the record? Having a baby? Big mistake. | permalink
Ted: Kids, up to this point in the story we had found doppelgangers - eerie but awesome lookalikes for four of the five of our little group. There was lesbian Robin. Mustache Marshall. Stripper Lily. And Mexican wrestler me. Yes, mine was the coolest. So we were all eager to find the fifth doppelganger, Barney's. Turns out it was more important to some of us than others. | permalink
Marshall: Why is Ellen DeGeneres in our bedroom? | permalink
Lily: Marshall Eriksen, put a baby in my belly. | permalink
Lily: The universe in all its infinite wisdom is telling you to stick me and stick me real good. | permalink

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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

The universe in all its infinite wisdom is telling you to stick me and stick me real good.


Marshall Eriksen, put a baby in my belly.