Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Season Six Finale

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Welcome to the TV Fanatic Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our panelists discuss the burning questions from the previous episode - in this case, the season finale.

Topics for our "Sanctuary" and "Death and All His Friends" Round Table Q&A include memorable quotes and performances, what the future holds and much, much more:

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

L.J. Gibbs: I liked Derek's attempt, however nearly ill-fated, to disarm the shooter, staring down the barrel of the gun. He pleaded his case as a human being, with sympathy for Mr. Clark even with his own life being threatened. Just as I imagine Derek would.

M.L. House: Derek's "I'm not gonna die." Thanks for stating the obvious, buddy! (Warning: my feelings on the episode don't get much more positive from here.)

Mrs. Northman: Meredith: "You want justice right? Your wife died, I know what happened. Derek told me the story. Lexie Grey is the one that pulled the plug on your wife, she's my sister. Dr. Webber, he was your wife's doctor. I'm the closest thing he has to a daughter. And the man on the table, I'm his wife. If you wanna hurt them, the way that you hurt, shoot me. I'm your eye for an eye." This scene gave me the chills.


2. Was this the best episode of the year - and/or the whole series?

L.J. Gibbs: Definitely the best of the season and probably in my top five from Season One-present. Despite the hype and a situation that felt a little forced, it still came through with one moving scene after another and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

M.L. House: Maybe and no. Look, the series is at its best when it focuses on these layered, flawed characters and builds true emotion that emanates from well-paced storylines. Case in point, my favorite episode of all-time: the season two finale. Denny's death was months in the making and the fallout from that, understandably, was felt for many seasons to come.

Mrs. Northman: YES! I haven't been so engaged in an episode as much as I was last night! Definitely the best episode ever! As much as Mr. Clark was a give away as the shooter, I couldn't believe he was A-wall and killed so many people!

3. Mr. Clark on the loose: Well-written and emotional, or contrived and manipulative?

L.J. Gibbs: It felt like the latter to me all week long. Then I actually saw the episode, and came around. The premise may have been a little much, and some of the believability of the standoff debatable, but it was compelling television with the characters we've gotten to know all playing crucial, memorable roles in the drama. What more can you ask for?

M.L. House: Utterly contrived and manipulative. This is an extension of my answer above. Instead of delivering an interesting season that built toward a naturally emotional finale, Shonda Rhimes threw in a random event that forced viewers to suspend disbelief in order to forcefully pull at our heart strings. How convenient, for example, that SWAT didn't break in until after Shonda had squeezed every drop of sadness out. Even Mr. Clark himself was not written consistently: if he really wanted "eye for an eye" justice, why did he kill a handful of people in cold blood? It was cheap writing that relied on a gimmick in order to shock us for nothing but shock's sake.

Mrs. Northman: I thought it was well written and keeps us wanting more! I can't wait to see how everyone will deal with all this crazy drama.

4. What were the saddest and most uplifting moments of the finale?

L.J. Gibbs: The saddest, to me, was Meredith's miscarriage. I knew Derek, Owen and Alex would make it, it's hard to mourn Mercy Westers we knew were going to be killed off, and Mer's loss, which was very sad on its own merit, came out of nowhere. Most uplifting? The redemption of Richard Webber, who had fallen on hard times all season long.

M.L. House: Owen uplifted me. He actually went BACK into the quasi war zone in order to rescue Cristina. Same for Arizona and Callie. Their reconciliation scene was beautiful. But nothing made me sad. I refused to shed any tears because the episode didn't earn its emotion.

Mrs. Northman: There were so many sad moments last night! One of the saddest moments had to be Meredith having the miscarriage. The most uplifting moment had to be Arizona telling Callie that she wants to have a family and a ton of children!

5. Which actor/actress' performance was most Emmy-worthy?

L.J. Gibbs: Michael O'Neill has to win for Guest Star. Had he not been so outstanding as Mr. Clark, the entire episode would not have carried the weight it did. As for the regular cast? So many worthy candidates, but I'm going with Sandra Oh. She's always worthy, but perhaps this was the coup de grace that finally wins her that elusive honor.

M.L. House: Ellen Pompeo. Even given cheesy lines that, again, are meant to mess with the viewers' emotions (I chose you! I picked you!), she makes us feel Meredith's heart breaking at the prospect of losing her Post-It husband.

Mrs. Northman: It has to be a toss up between Cristina working on Derek's heart while Mr. Clark has a gun to her head or Bailey trying - but failing - to save her coworkers life.

What a Pretty Face
Derek the Chief

Hopefully this wasn't the first and only crack at a McBaby.

6. Will Meredith tell Derek about the baby?

L.J. Gibbs: She will. Then they'll try for another and this time, it will take (please)!

M.L. House: Yes. These two have matured as a couple and it's the right thing to do.

Mrs. Northman: She has to! She can't keep him in the dark forever on this one. It wouldn't be right.

7. Does Lexie really love Alex?

L.J. Gibbs: Part of her definitely does, but that was said in the heat of the moment. I think that he called out for Izzie in his time of need speaks volumes about where he is with their relationship, and will lead Lexie back to Mark.

M.L. House: Lexie doesn't know what she wants or who she loves. But she does now know that Alex really lives Izzie and this relationship is over.

Mrs. Northman: I am not sure. I think she loves him, but he was dying and in extreme situations make you think less clearly. And it is obvious that Alex is still in love with Izzie - which kind of puts me back on team Slexie!

8. Do you like voiceovers?

L.J. Gibbs: The TV critic in me does not. The inner cheeseball totally does.

M.L. House: Are you kidding?!? They treat the audience like we're idiots. Just trust your storytelling, Shonda. When Derek is lying in a pool of his own blood, why interrupt that scene with Meredith's cliche-ridden narration? Please stop dumbing your show down and believe that we're smart enough to understand what's going on, and what we should be feeling, without Meredith telling us all about it.

Mrs. Northman: I do! It can be a pain when you're jotting down Grey's Anatomy quotes, but Meredith always has really good words of wisdom to correlate with the episode.

What do you think? Weigh in with your own answers/comments!

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The nominations should include Ellen. The final scene where she looks at the pregnancy test, and she's had a miscarriage. The grief for the loss of Mer's baby is clear on her face. I'm sure Mer'll tell Der about the baby.Everyone in the OR where Der was being operated on knows about it. Kepner and Hunt witnessed the miscarriage. So the rumor mill at SGMWH will no doubt make it common knowledge


Plz, I haven't been able to see all of 6.24. Was there a house fire? I presume it was at Teddy's house cos she would be the only doc I saw in civies. An what was the thing that wasn't covered by Auseillo's list that happened in the SF? Was that the fire too?


@tutu I totally agree with you. There is only one thing may be you should know, I read somewhere that Shonda Rhimes wanted Owen to hold Cristina in the OR when it was clear that Derek would make it, and not just look at her. The show's medical advisors were against it, because Cristina would have had to rescrub in order to finish Derek's surgery. I think that if Owen had hugged Cristina, that would have made the situation between them a little bit more believable. Even if I am not really satisfied with HOW that triangle ended, I am so relieved that it finally did end, and that Cristina was not left hartbroken. I do hope they'll make up for this lame ending at the beginning of S7. I look forward to Cristina and Owen being back to how we used to know them, and if we get them back that way, I'm even willing to forget the awful script writing we got for most of S6. But, as I said, you are absolutely right, and it's a shame these brilliant actors had to work with such total nonsense.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Cristina: I want to see the bitch baby tears, or something like that. That was hilarious. 2. Was this the best episode of the year - and/or the whole series? No is not favorite episode, because everything I thought was going to happen, happened. However I love it a lot precisely because it wasn't surprising at all for me. It was the best of the season. 3. Mr. Clark on the loose: Well-written and emotional, or contrived and manipulative? A little of both. I got say that Clark pissed me off to no end, I really didn't want to know why he was doing or whether or not he had feelings. A man with gun killing innocent people has no feelings.
4. What were the saddest and most uplifting moments of the finale? Saddest: I got many, but to me the saddest was Meredith miscarriage, Meredith thinking Derek was dead, Bailey's frustration with not being able to save nosedive, Bailey having to say that she is nurse.
Uplifting: The Chief speech to Clark, that is how people suppose to live their lives. Being afraid of dying, just make you incomplete in my opinion and it also makes you pick up gun and kill people. And when we realized that Jackson had disconnected the lead, to make Clark believe that Derek was dead. 5. Which actor/actress' performance was most Emmy-worthy? Well I don't now who to choose, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson but that is not surprising since they are always acting their asses off, but I got say that Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers, did a hell of a job. Especially Ellen Pompeo, if she doesn't at least get nominated I going to be disappointed. Patrick Dempsey also did a great job.
6. Will Meredith tell Derek about the baby? I think she absolutely will tell Derek, Meredith is not keeping secret for Derek anymore,in anyone haven't notice. I just don't if I want to see Derek's face when he finds out. Too painful to think about it. 7. Does Lexie really love Alex?
Unfortunately Lexie doesn't love Alex, and Alex doesn't love Lexie yet I think. 8. Do you like voice overs?
I love voice over, especially Meredith voice overs, is kind of awkward listening to someone else voice overs. But I love all the voice overs.


This was the best Grey's anatomy episode ever ! I relly dont normally get emotional by movies or series, or anything I see on TV, but this episode got me shaking and tears into my eyes ! I was scared, I felt like I had to run away from this psycho just like the characters did.
The most uplifting moment, i think, was when you realized that Derek wasn't actually dead, after Dr. avery and christina simulated it in the OR to get the shooter out.. I was soo relieved, even though i thought that would be the case the whole time
Also one of the most uplifting moments was, when Bailey could convince Clark, that she's a Nurse in tears .. i was so scared for her and when he ended up nit shooting her I was soo relieved ! But one of the most epic moments, which most of you probably didn't even notice as much, for me is when Webber is talking to the police outside, aksing him who the shooter is and who is still in the hospital.. and then they get in the call from all the most important doctors in .. Bailey, Torres, Hunt, Aldman,Sloan, Yang saying Derek is shot.. I got goose flesh seeing Webbers face expression the moment he realized that all of the most brilliant doctors from his hospital are stuck in a building with a shooter who will not resile from killing them all ! EPIC ! All in all i loved the episode(s) and im watching it over and over again ! For me it was even better because i didnt see the trailer for the season finale so i didnt see something like that comming at all ! In the beginning when Clark first asks for the chief i already knew there will be some trouble but i thought it would only involve Derek .
When he shot Reid my heart almost stopped,and when he was in the elevator with Christina, I couldn't have get more stiff, I was just waiting for hom to get out his gun and shoot her ! Brilliant episode !


7. Does Lexie really love Alex? Don`t forget one of the first scenes when alex pushing lexie out of bed? They´re not in love. They`re substitute people for each other!


I really think Mrs Northman was being polite in writing a-wall, I'm not putting words in her mouth, but I re-read the comment and substituted an a-hole and kill so many people. Yes Mr Clark had to be an ass-hole he had to show his hurt, his anger, he bought a gun to use it, he thought this out, he planned it, it wasn't like oh I'll go out to my local supermarket and buy a gun, he even bought extra ammo, he tells Dr Webber, he didn't have room in his coat for the other rounds of ammo and his flask, can you imagine the number of deaths and wounded would of been if Mr Clark decided to leave his flask at home and bring the extra ammo. I am hoping Season 7 starts with the aftermath, I want to see Mr Clark only wounded not dead, I want him to pay for his crime, he killed alot of people. I want to see Meredith and Derek in Derek's room as soon as he wakes up and asks for Meredith. I want to see the McHouse getting built. Mark fighting for Lexie, Lexie realizing Alex still loves Izzie and they break up, leaving Mark to pursue Lexie. Let's see a double wedding with McDreamy and Meredith, plus McSteamy and Lexie, that would be a big event for Grey's Anatomy.


@ Bene None of my comments never mention AWOL or A-wall, so you must have me mixed up with someone else. Because it ain't me sorry. I re-read Mrs Northman's comment with that line in it and I had to re-read it again and again and it still didn't make any sense until I changed a-wall to ass-hole then it made more sense. Here is Mrs Northman's comment: It was to question 2 2. Was this the best episode of the year - and/or the whole series? Mrs. Northman: YES! I haven't been so engaged in an episode as much as I was last night! Definitely the best episode ever! As much as Mr. Clark was a give away as the shooter, I couldn't believe he was A-wall and killed so many people! So Bene please put the date and time of this supposed comment I made so I can read it for myself. Thanks


Is it just me, or did Owen "choosing" Cristina just not ring true AT ALL in this season finale? First off, in season 5 we are given this amazing love story between Cris and Owen; we are made to believe that it is rare, unshakeable and that it connects these two people in ways outsiders don't even begin to understand, right? So we the viewers invest in these characters, mostly because of the solid chemistry and acting chops of Sandra Oh and Kevin Mckidd, and we prepare to be amazed by their lovestory. Then season 6 comes along and it's like, "whoa!, what? seriously?, WTF?" episode after episode. They introduce this limp character named Teddy who has zero chemistry with anyone on the show, let alone Owen, and try to sell us the idea that she and Owen love each other on the same level as Owen and Cristina so that Owen now has a choice to make. Like I said, WTF?! For my part, if this incredibly lame triangle was to be taken seriously, they should have at least cast an actress that can match Sandra Oh, and sadly Kim Raver pales, just PALES, by comparison. So to tell me that Owen loves Teddy at least as much as he loves Cristina makes me wanna PUKE. But I love Owen and Cristina and I love Grey's Anatomy so I stayed put throughout this season and took it like a true fan. I stayed when they made Owen a cheat and a liar ( I mean, in the season 5 premiere he was falling in love at first sight with Cristina while apparently being in love with Teddy and engaged to Beth. I mean, who's next? Is this therefore a man who can only be in a relationship if it's complicated by triangles?), when they dumbed down Cristina and made her oblivious like an idiot to the fact that Owen was emotionally cheating and almost physically cheating (see the elevator scene with that horrible Teddy character) and when they trivialised the PTSD storyline. To demonstrate how ridiculous and inconsistent these writers can be, read their blog. Recall the beautiful scene at the end of Sympathy for the Parents (written by Allan Heinberg) when Cristina is afraid of Owen and his violent outburst, right? The next episode written by Meg Marinis starts off right where Sympathy ended and this writer expects us to believe that Owen is in a mindset that allows him to awkwardly notice a pantless Teddy in Mark's dress shirt. I mean PUKE! What happened to the PTSD story? Were they just kidding about that?!!! But I stayed loyal to the show until the season finale although I was not hopeful that these characters could be redeemed within a mere two hours. And I was RIGHT. Sure, the finale was high-octane, a glued-to-your-seat type of thing but it DID NOT MAKE UP FOR THE REST OF THE CRAPPY SEASON. And Owen "chose" Cristina? Really? Ok, so if Teddy was still stuck in the hospital with the trigger-happy Mr. Clark roaming about and Cristina was outside with Owen, I'm expected to believe that Owen would say, "oh well, I'll just let SWAT take care of Teddy". Come on! Oh, what? Owen said he loved Cristina in that tense OR scene? Please, we already knew that. What we wanted to hear him say was that he loves Cristina and Cristina ONLY. In fact Shonda should have written Owen as saying, "Hey, hey! That's ONE of the women I love. You touch her, shoot her and I will KILL YOU..." Given the inconsistent way this character has been written all season long, that at least would have made much more sense. My worst quote of the finale: Teddy telling Owen that she believes he is in love with both her and Cristina and that he should choose. The NERVE of that woman thinking that she even has an inkling of the depth of the love Cris and Owen share, and then having the audacity to assume it is equivalent to the crash she insists on calling love - PUKE. However, the fact that Owen does not re-affirm his love for Cristina to Teddy's face at that point makes it impossible for me to buy into this whole "Owen chose Cristina" nonsense. Let us see him choose Cristina when there are no bullets flying (which by the way he failed to do at the beginning of Sanctuary). We are expected to believe that Lexie only told Alex she loved him in the heat of the moment so she really does not love him while Owen does the exact same thing except in his case, it's true? Please. PUKE bucket STAT!


Grey's Anatomy was amazing, it would be great to see Izzie come back next fall, Arizona and Callie were fantastic, sad to see Meredith had a misscarriage and to see staff killed.
Sandra Oh was great, looking forward to see if Teddie will continue her relationship with Mark or Owen.
I hope all the characters remain, continue the great work, I am a loyal fan of this show.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Cristina: You're freaking me out and I don't have time to be freaked out right now. Mer is a mess. Derek is a mess. You are a mess and I am in charge and I say that no one is down her.
Jackson: You're not supposed to be walking around.
Cristina: Damn it Jackson.

[narrating] The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no. In or out. Up or down. And then there are the choices that matter. Love or hate. To be a hero or to be a coward. To fight or to give in. To live. Or die. Live or die. That's the important choice. And it's not always in our hands.