Grey's Anatomy Review: "How Insensitive"

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For all of us Grey's Anatomy fans that love bawling our eyes out - this episode was made for us!

Not only did we get closer to finding out all the answers to our questions, but "How Insensitive" really touched the soft spot in our hearts.

Anyone who's had to deal with the loss of a parent would know what we're talking about.


Losing someone you love is tough, but being a child and having a part of your support system taken away is devastating.

The scene where Cristina has to somehow figure out what to say to this child so that she can deal with losing her mom is so heartbreaking. It is true what she said too - that it will hurt a lot in the beginning and will likely always hurt, but after time it starts to hurt less and less.

What we found rather interesting was that Cristina picked Owen over Meredith to have her breakdown on. Seriously?? What does this mean? Not only did she choose Owen, but she told Meredith to go find him! Meredith was right there! Does this mean that Cristina's feelings for Owen are stronger than the bond she has with Meredith?

Meredith even put her friendship with Cristina in front of the sacred marital bond she has with Derek. And really, when does Cristina ever put anyone in front of Meredith.


Another part that had us reaching for the Kleenex was the scene where Bobby told the doctors that he would rather die then let his unborn child see him like that way he is. Sometimes, people get caught up in their own self pity/misery that they fail to see what they are doing to the people around who love them. This situation can pertain to almost anything. Personally speaking, being from the side of the loved ones, it really struck a nerve ending.

We know that there are many many Sloan/Lexi fans out there and we definitely understand that, but there's just something we like about Lexie with Alex. She will never be Izzie, but Alex doesn't need another Izzie. When he kissed her and said:

Alex: You going home?
Lexie: Yeah.
Alex: Wanna go home together?
Lexie: Yeah. | permalink

Yeah, it kind of cemented the fact that we like them together (so not love yet, but most definitely like!!!).

So all the spoilers and rumors are going around that Derek gets shot - but, who shoots him? Would it be crazy April and her fatal attraction she has on him (BTW, April wasn't really a part of this episode - At all! That must mean something really crazy will happen soon!) or Mr. Clark who believes that it is Derek's fault that his wife is dead? This is a tough call, but we still believe it was April because Mr. Clark is thrown in to confuse us and keep us guessing!

What do you think - will Derek get shot, and if so, by whom?

It looks to be the end of Calzona. And as sad as we are (they were a great couple) we knew that this would happen. Like we said before, this is a deal-breaking situation that is bigger than religion. Hopefully, they can figure out a way to still be in each others lives because we don't see either of them budging on this one. They are both at opposite ends of the spectrum.

We loved last night's episode and felt the writers really did a great job!

What did you think? Love it? Think it was just filler before the season finale? Vote:

After the jump, we leave you with a few of our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes - but, what was your favorite? Did we forget any that you loved? Let us know!

Meredith: No matter how thick skinned we try to be, there's millions of electrifying nerve endings in there. Open and exposed and feeling way too much. Try as we might to keep from feeling pain, sometimes it's just unavoidable. Sometimes that's the only thing left - just feeling. | permalink
Derek: Why did you tell Owen what I told you?
Meredith: I didn't - I told him nothing.
Derek: He came to me and said you knew.
Meredith: No, I told him nothing I just looked at him.
Derek: You looked at him. Meredith, when you are pissed your face says everything your thinking. Now I have a staff that can't trust me.
Meredith: So what am I supposed to do? Control my face?
Derek: Yes, you are control your face.
Meredith: Maybe you shouldn't tell me things that you don't want me to know. Control that.
Derek: Then I cant tell you anything. Then 80% of my day is off limits to my wife and I don't want that.
Meredith: Well, I don't want that either. I'm sorry. But I have to tell Cristina. | permalink
Teddy: Yang in or out lets go. | permalink
Cristina: (trying to figure out how Bobby and his wife have sex) Well she's gotta be on top. | permalink
Meredith: She can sit.
Cristina: No she can't. We're talking about S E X.
Nancy's daughter: I'm nine and you just spelled sex. | permalink
Bobby's wife: Now after the news I had to call.
Lexie: The news?
Bobby's wife: We are going to have a baby we're pregnant.
Lexie: How?! I mean, wow! Congratulations! That's joyous news. | permalink
Bailey: So remember to imply your ROC training and you will ROC your patients world. | permalink
Meredith: The skin is the largest organ in the body - it protects us. Holds us together. Literally lets us know what we are feeling. The skin can be soft and vulnerable. Highly sensitive, easy to break. Skin doesn't matter to a surgeon. We will cut right through it, go inside, find out the secrets underneath. It takes delicacy and sensitivity. | permalink
Cristina: I miss my dad. | permalink


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Hunt is squirming cos he knows he's been sussed by Mer. He's just trying to punish Mer for his being torn and attracted to 2 women. Hunt can't have both, and it's easy to take it out on Mer.


@ sophie True but do you know whats funny? Eric Dane is younger in real life than Justin Chambers :P


@ Joy Shannon The actor who played Bobby is Jerry Kernion, if you go to the following website the writer of this episode has written his thoughts on Grey Matter website which is a blog from the writer's of Grey's Anatomy. In this article Jerry Kernion playing Bobby wore a latex bodysuit. Jerry is a big man but not that big. Go to and type in Jerry Kernion's name and a little bio will come up with his photo.


@Kerri, You might want to rethink that about Derek. He has been through a lot, perhaps more traumatic than Meredith's. Watch this week's PP. You'll see why. @Lauren B, That's a little demeaning, isn't it? We are discussing a TV show and its characters. If I judge by my own experience, Owen Hunt is by far a perfect man and Derek Shepherd is utopia. It's an escape from reality.


One more thing about Jackson. I'm surprised that people are not offended by the way he made fun of the morbidly fat patient. Not too classy IMO.


I have to laugh at people who think Cristina should be with effeminate Jackson. Give me a break. I'm waiting to see him in a dress playing with dolls. McGirlyboy all the way. LOL


This episode was pretty good! There were a lot of scenes I loved and some things I didn't love (or even notice until reading these comments!) Mer/Der- I think Meredith wasn't in the wrong when it came to her talking about O/C/T. I understand Mer trying to help her friend but she has to be careful when going into the professional setting. Derek does have many factors going in right now but Mer does have to understand in this position that you have to careful what you do or say is important but I think Derek has to be more considerate with a wife like that standing by his side. But I didn't notice Mer standing alone (in the metaphorical sense) in the end of the episode and being treated so badly I felt bad for her. Owen- He had no right to jump to conclusions on Mer's facial expression he should have just asked her not go to Derek. The way he treated her in the OR was terrible and pissed me off. I just was really mad and hope something happens soon Christina and Little girl- OMG I loved this SL so much it brought back memories for her and it showed a more human side of her again which I really enjoyed. It broke my heart when Cristina cried @ the end Alex- My favorite scene and quote of the NIGHT was when Alex was convincing the patient to get the surgery by talking about what he went through with Izzie and it made me soo HAPPY :D :D Then he signed the divorce papers and KISSED LEXIE! That upset me so much I know he's trying to move on but he is NOT ready to be in another relationship that quickly. He HAS to deal with his emotional baggage because signing a paper is not moving on (he is contempt with not being with Izzie and he's grown but what she left him with is the issue I see)If it had been next season I would have been a lot more accepting but for now I'm not happy with this. Can't wait for next wks episode (More Alex :D :D :D!) but I have to wait till Fri to watch I have a FINAL EXAM FRI morning so I'm studying Thurs night :'(


I am sorry but Derek's alil bitch Mer's gone through so much more than him and he has no right to like act that way dude! she helped you when killed tht pregnant grl chill out on her like really


Jt, I have to disagree with what you say about Owen. There was nothing professional about what he did to Teddy. He brought here to SG because she is a great doctor who has a lot to teach. What he did was trying to get rid of her before she becomes a problem to his love life because he realized he has feelings for her. As far as what he did to Meredith, he know Derrick and Mer and if you don't want Mer to know something, you should not tell the husband who is very likely to tell wife. Not because he is a gossip but because he actually believed in Owen when he said Teddy would be fine because of all the connections she has in the East coast. I originally loved Crowena then Teddy came and thought he would have more chemistry with Teddy but the way they are portraying him, I am not liking. He needs to think about his "love life" and make a decision pronto! I do not see anything about Cris wanting Owen instead of Mer, this is natural, you want your boyfriend to hug and console you specially because she does not know he is a jerk! Derrick and Mer will do fine he just needs to chill out, really, he is just not happy anymore! Hate to see him like this. Although I would love to see Slexie back I did like the scene with Alex so I am split on that one. As far as Calzona, I am not worried at all, they will be back together!


Some of these comments are amusing. Makes me wonder if some of you have ever dated men before. My guess is that you're young and inexperienced. You'd do best to take off your rose colored glasses about the "absolutely" perfect man since men are not allowed to have faults in many of your eyes. I say this about all of the male characters discussed here. If any of you ever do find a man--those who are so inclined since some of you appear to be gay women, then you're going to be in for a rude awakening. Men in the real world can be much worse than these guys. These are largely written through the eyes of women rather than men. There is no such thing as the perfect men. Nor are the women on this show perfect. For what its worth.

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So remember to imply your ROC training and you will ROC your patients world.


The skin is the largest organ in the body - it protects us. Holds us together. Literally lets us know what we are feeling. The skin can be soft and vulnerable. Highly sensitive, easy to break. Skin doesn't matter to a surgeon. We will cut right through it, go inside, find out the secrets underneath. It takes delicacy and sensitivity.


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