Grey's Anatomy Finale Rumor: A Shocking Shooting

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A stunning new rumor - it's nothing more than that, for the moment - allegedly straight from the Grey's Anatomy set may spell doom for one of the show's main characters.

Someone on the set, presumably someone who doesn't value her job, Tweeted a piece of unconfirmed info about Grey's Anatomy that would definitely be a game-changer.

A few things don't add up about this, namely, wouldn't filming have been wrapped weeks ago? Second, they already ended Season 2 with a similar cliffhanger (Dr. Burke).

Still, read on if you're curious about this alleged plot development ...

McDreamy Tweet

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i hope its burke coming back to kill owen....or izzie because her tumor is back and she is pissed that alex signed the papers so easily...or maybe owen will try to kill meredith since she messes up things for him and christina...mer gets shot and loses a baby....but it will prob be lame..private practice was george from last season..i bet burke...i mean derick gets shot and there is some sappy ending


I think Owen Hunt is the gunman. Explains the attending scrubs. Going crazy over breakup with Christine. Blames Shephard and Meridith?


hey...i cant see the pics :S
can anybody send me thr link??


I agree with the other posters. The husband (is that Agent Butterfield from the West Wing?) will shoot Derek because he is so distraught over his wife's death. Derek won't die. He will recover. And, The Chief will have to come back. Owen and Cristina will break up.


The photos of a tearful Mer, a tearful Lexie sitting on a pavement next to Mark, the SWAT van and police car must mean something is gonna happen in the hospital. EP said that some repruccusions of an earlier event will be invovled in the GA finale. It's gotta be Mr Clark, it's gotta be. GA has generally had very few reoccuring patients and family who have appeared in several episodes. I guess there's a parallel with Jen's case here. But SR saying no-ones gonna die would be kinda obvious. Der's gonna return, but not necessarily as CoS. I think if Der does get shot it will focus Meredith's mind very quickly that she wants to start a family with Der. Mer will push Der to get started on that house he promised her how many years ago? That'll prompt Der's swift recovery in S7. I hope!


Uh just a question about those promo photos that were posted... why the hell is Kepner in Attending scrubs?


I'm glad this is just a rumour it hasn't been confirmed as yet, so we are all speculating here.


It's going to be Gary Clark his wife died after April Kepner took her off her ventilator too soon and caused her to stroke out, she had a huge hemorrhage in the brain, Derek said there was nothing could be done to save her. Mrs Clark signed a directive 3 years earlier not to sustain life support, so because of this directive and a meeting in the chief's office, Derek told Mr Clark that he spoke with legal and the hospital would follow his wife's directive and turn off life support. Later you see Lexie Grey turn off the ventilator and ending Mrs Clark's life. Gary Clark comes back this week to sue the hospital in the wrongful death of his wife. I think Mr Clark lost his case, and out of grief for his wife he shoots Derek, because he yells at Derek calling him a coward and a murderer. So my money is on Gary Clark shooting Derek maybe in the conference room after the meeting.


I think the old guy will try to shoot Derek.
April who loves Derek will take the bullit, trying to protect him.


@Hornstein Agreed. EP and PD leaving the show would indeed run the show into the ground quickly. Just look at OTH, THE main characters, leads that the show was based around left and the show wasn't even the show any more.

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