Gossip Girl Season Four to Begin in Paris

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Next week's third season finale of Gossip Girl is entitled "Last Tango, Then Paris."

Fittingly, the show will start next season with episodes set in the French capital! 

It will be filmed on location, as well. Co-creator and executive producer Stephanie Savage, who wrote "Last Tango, Then Paris," just flew to France this past weekend to begin scouting out locations for a week of production in the City of Lights.

At least three key GG characters - Blair, Serena, and Chuck - will be there.

The Paris plot line represents "the ultimate extension of our Gossip Girl world," Savage told New York Magazine Sunday. "We mention our characters' fabulous world travels all time, but it's very hard, and expensive, to actually show them."

GG in Paris

"The books were lucky this way: 'Aspen ski trip' costs nothing extra to type. So it's a big deal to be able to take production on the road, especially overseas."

Savage says the Paris shoot is "a dream" she's had since the CW show began … or at least since Gossip Girl's sophomore year, which launched with key characters enjoying summer shenanigans in the nice-but-it-ain't-Paris locale of the Hamptons.

That trip also had the cost-effective bonus of being driving distance from NYC.

"Shooting in the Hamptons really elevated our feel and reach," co-creator Josh Schwartz said. "But it felt like, to take it to that next level, we had to go international, and what city is more glamorous? And it's been such a part of Blair's character."

But just how will Blair, Chuck, and Serena end up overseas?

"Serena and Blair are finishing up their fabulous summer vacation when someone from home mysteriously shows up in town," Savage explains. "They need to solve this mystery ... or else return to a New York that's a very different world."

No word on whether this person is Chuck, or another character yet to be revealed.

Producers are also loathe to reveal any other French connections, except that the Gossip Girl narrator will eschew her usual "XOXO" sign-off for "bisou bisou."

Also, the episodes will be pivotal to the show's direction next fall.

"Paris is all about jump-starting the season and moving things forward," Savage says, though the Paris ploy is being made from a position of relative strength, not desperation.

As it ends its third season, Gossip Girl remains the CW's top-rated show among the network's core target audience of women under 35. It was renewed back in February.

Thoughts on the upcoming Paris trip? Think it will start Gossip Girl's fourth season off on an awesome note? How do you think they end up there? Discuss!

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great can i get the 4 seasons via email


hmmmm.so heres wht im thinking. chuck proposes to blair and then she accepts and they go to paris to get married........not really sure if it actually happens or why they would only bring serena to pairs but i guess we have to wait and see next monday.


the the girl below me: ok, bye Queeny, bitch.
Might as well throw your tv back to your face


That means nate serena break up if she's in paris with blair/ I'm so done watching GG if thats true bye, bitch :)


Jenny returns for 4 more episodes along with Goeorgina cos both are looking for revenge for what happened to them in season 3's finale. But Goergin'a insanity starts to act up and drives her to betray jenny and let jenny take all the blame. This time, Jenny's damage will cost Chuck's hotel at an illegal battle against the bass industries leaving Lily on a tight spot. Georgina tries to break up Chuck and Blair discreetly but ends up sleeping with Dan where Vanessa spots them (cos G will get dan drugged).
Finally, Serena takes some action with Blair to try to take a revenge of jenny and jenny's dad, rufus decides to send her to her mother peremanently (since Jenny asked to be with her mother somewhere outside NY). Georgina remains and another plot is to be done by her.....SOOO? AND
NO i disagree with Mrs.BlairBass cos that would be uncreative and redundant. Try something new. I cant suggest one but it'd be nice to create a NEW plot line for chuck and blair's reconciliation. Also, i think it's better if Jenny humphrey will be gone permanently while georgina becomes a recurring character (i dont want her as a regular though cos it'll spoil the whole drama).


That means nate serena break up if she's in paris with blair/ I'm so done watching GG if thats true.


Whatever Chair's relationship status is can we focus on the positive here... Paris! I love the idea and I figured they'd have to take the show somewhere outside of the US eventually I mean the idea is that these fabulous young rich people can jet off to wherever, whenever.


is it just me or does anyone else want like, secret hookups of chuck and blair, like have them be together but not. get what i mean? they can have like steamy hookups but still not be together but have the writters create a plot that causes them to want to get back togteher but not totaly be back togteher. kjinda like season 1 in the begging!
chuckandblair i could not agree more. they need time to be immature and stupid. like friends. that and the glamorous paris setting will definiely give the show what it needs. the whole appeal of this show is NOT knowing all about the characters. its the mystery of them and the life they lead. thats why chuck and blair were popular. it was because they werent supposed to be popular or the center of attention. they were everyones guilty pleasure. the people that werent meant to be together but somehow did. they arent derena. they are chair. their storylines shouldnt revolve around eachother. when they do, they lose their chuck and blairness. this whole season is like eating really yummy frosting without the cake. for the first three spoonfuls its awesome, but pretty soon you hate it because theirs not enough of the cake. pretty soon you miss the cake. basically, gossip girl is a pastry, and theres a surplus of awesome frosting and somewhere down the line the cake went off and left the frosting all by itslf to somehow keep the viewers. and paris is just the right amount of cake that gossip girl needs. im tired of babbling about cake so im going to submit this comment now.


Chuck proposes at the ESB. Blair turns him down. He shows up at the heli-pad when she's about to leave for Paris and....


@ Mrs.BlairBass I totally love your idea!!

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