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I'm sorry but I have to say this, the Round Table questions are getting weaker each week :(

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
Hard one. There were too many good quotes. Such as:
Chuck: "Shame turns me on"
Dan: "Hey, listen to me. I'm quoting Donald Rumsfeld." and
"So the only things we can talk about openly are-are politics, "jersey shore"... And where we want to eat..."
Eric: "The window for that closed somewhere between my 12th birthday and, um... and my suicide attempt."
And finally:
Blair: "No. I don't live with the help."

2. Unintentional comedy of the night: Serena wanting respect from her dad while wearing drool-enducing dresses, Chuck openly snorting coke, or Jenny Binging "cancer"?
Serena's unintentional comedy is a recurrent thing. So I will go with DANdy. Cracks me up. LOL.

3. Team Serena or Team Jenny?
Actually Team Eric! There I said it!

4. Sweeter gesture: Blair or Chuck?
Chuck's gesture was sweet while unexpected. So I agree with Mister Meester.

5. How much do you love Eric?
Enough to create and root for TEAM ERIC all the way :D

6. Will Rufus and Lily's marriage survive?
I feel compelled to say yes because of the season finale pictures. Otherwise I agree with Gossip Guy.


I definatley thought this episode was really really good!!! It felt so season one because Gossip Girl had witty comments, Blair was back to her old manipulating ways, and i loved how no one liked jenny except for rufus (not at the end of the episode though) My fave quote was from that girl who bought drugs from jenny "Instead of getting me high i got a yeast infection!" LOL i thought that was hilar! TEAM NATE!!!!! haha i don't like jenny or her racoon make up and stringy hair!! if i had to choose it would be team serena......xoxo


I cant pick between Jenny and Serena, they both lose. Jenny for not being able to do the simple task of breaking of Nate and Serena, and Serena for picking William freaking van der Woodsen over Rufus. And acting like a five year old with Jenny.


team serena!


Team Jenny!
I hate Serena and how she's so clueless about her dad. Eric is soooooo much smarter than her. My favorite quote "I'm gay!" LMAO


1.) "I should ask you the same question! Does Serena know you're trying to pull off plaid?" Blair, to Nate.
2.)Chuck. Chuck. Chuck.


Team Serena or Team Jenny?

ANSWER: Neither. Team BLAIR.


Ups..i thought it sounded a little bit weird...but "health" makes a lot of sense....tnx :)


it was picture of health, dude.


he said "the picture off health" (I think) and he was just saying she was very healthy - even tough she was supposed to be sick.

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