Gossip Girl Producers Defend Season Finale, Reassure Fans

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As we continue to sift through the wreckage of Monday's Gossip Girl season finale, so many questions linger: Is C going to be alright? Will J be back? Is G really pregnant?

That's just scratching the surface, too. Fortunately, executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage shed some light on all of the above with this E! interview ...

Q: What kind of response have you received after the finale?

Josh Schwartz: Certainly the Twitter account is blowing up. But the cool thing is that people are really reacting, which is great. Obviously, some people are terrified that Chuck Bass is dead. Some are furious about what happened with Chuck and Jenny.

Stephanie Savage: They're furious for different reasons. Some people are mad at Jenny; some people are mad at Chuck.

Josh Schwartz: Which is great. If you put a finale on, you want it to be the kind that people talk about for the summer.

Blair's Decision

Q: Why choose to go in such a drastic direction with the finale?

Stephanie Savage: We designed it to allow people's perceptions to shift. People who had been pretty comfortable all year thinking that Jenny Humphrey was a villain might find some sympathy for her in this episode. And people who've been comfortable thinking that Chuck was a lovable bastard may feel he crossed the line in this episode. We wanted to blur the edges.

Josh Schwartz: That's Gossip Girl for you. We were launched on the "OMFG" ad campaign; we gotta live up to that.

Stephanie Savage: We wanted the finale to drive us into next season. Sometimes it takes a little while to get our momentum up, and we wanted to do something heart-charging.

Q: Talk about the Chuck-Jenny hookup. Some fans are struggling with it.

Josh Schwartz: It's a move that's been in the DNA of the show since the first episode. That relationship is something that was in the pilot - it was Chuck being a predator. And here they meet in a place where they are almost equals, in terms of where they are emotionally. It was a way to track the evolution of the characters over three seasons.

Stephanie Savage: They're two characters who are really at their lowest point. And Jenny at her lowest is choosing to do the thing that she so resisted doing in the pilot, and Chuck at his lowest does the act that he's been so remorseful for since the pilot.

Q: Now that Chuck and Jenny have this out of their respective systems, you think they're both redeemable?

Josh Schwartz: Everybody is offered a second chance in life. If Chuck weren't to survive what happened in the finale, at least he went out in an act of nobility. Jenny's looking to get a second chance and to leave the city behind and start over. Hopefully both characters were offered an opportunity for redemption by the end of the episode.

Stephanie Savage: Redemption is a huge theme on the show, from the pilot. Is it possible for a person to change? What can be forgiven? Who can be redeemed? That's the thematic material of the show.

Q: Can Blair forgive Chuck after this misstep?

Josh Schwartz: First, there's the question of what happened to Chuck at the end of this episode.

Stephanie Savage: Let's see if Chuck can recover from his bullet wound first.

Josh Schwartz: Blair can forgive Chuck in her heart—if he's no longer with us.

Q: And is Chuck no longer with us?

Josh Schwartz: I'm just saying that would be a way to forgive Chuck, if he lost his life trying to protect the engagement ring he was going to offer to Blair. That's a pretty noble gesture that can erase a lot of wrongs.

Q: Don't forget, you recently promised us that Chuck and Blair are always at the forefront of your storytelling.

Josh Schwartz: That's not a lie.

Stephanie Savage: That's totally true.

A Sparks Sighting

Q: Now that Mercy has been cancelled, will we see more Michelle Trachtenberg - and is Georgina really preggers?

Josh Schwartz: Oh, she's pregnant. We love Michelle, and we're always looking for ways to bring her into the show each season.

Q: Vanessa was MIA in the finale. Will Jessica Szohr be back next season?

Stephanie Savage: She will be back at some point.

Q: What about Taylor Momsen? When is her leave of absence up?

Stephanie Savage: We have a plan, but we want to save it as a surprise.

Q: Will Blair make good on her promise to destroy Little J if she comes back to the city?

Josh Schwartz: Blair doesn't make promises [she can't keep].

Stephanie Savage: We will do whatever will create maximum drama.

That much is for sure. How are you feeling about the Gossip Girl finale? Any better after reading Josh and Stephanie's comments? Share your impressions with us below ...

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please writer..
dont make my 100% love with gg will become 60% :(


New identity? Maybe he really DOES lose his memory from the shooting? As to the new g.f., an earlier spoiler DID say that a fourth person from the UES was going to show up in Paris. Please do NOT tell me the new g.f. is Georgina...UGH.


Season finale = bad writing (disguised as deeper character angst). Meh.


This finale left so many questions!! ARGHK! Too much drama. I expected a closure but there was none. Still think that season 2 finale's the best. :D
Chuck's definitely not going to die or this is the end of Gossip Girl. And why would Georgina wait till late pregnancy to tell Dan? Surely she has something up her sleeves, knowing Georgina.
The wait for season 4 is going to kill me. Hope that the writers don't go too much in trying to make the characters angsty and impulsive. Not good for fans. D:


No Chuck or Chair, No More Gossip Girl. Definitely.


Some of these comments are cracking me up :) Jessica Szohr is NOT working for CNN in real life--that was a plot point only. The mini-time jump was when we saw Blair/Serena in the limo, heading to the airport. The on-screen graphic said, "One week later.." Chuck isn't dead. All of you threatening to stop watching should probably do so, anyway, because you're unhappy :) Georgina isn't pregnant but she IS in trouble--Russian mob, anyone? Jenny isn't going to come back pregnant. RE: Jenny being a victim. She's a victim only to the extent that she self-destructed. We watched her spiral downward, continually doing things to herself. Low self-esteem, poor self-image, disillusionment, isolation/loneliness, cognitive dissonance, etc. These things all came to a head when she saw the blood on the sheets--the final wound to herself, so to speak. She reached her bottom.


They didn't do that funky time jump thing like they said in the finale.
Maybe the first few episodes of season 4 will be the run up to the shooting. Lets hope so! Chuck follows Blair and Serena to Paris. He begs forgiveness. His pleas fall on deaf ears (or so he thinks)
He runs away to Prague where he is shot. Blair rushes to be with him!
The reconcile in the hospital (or so he thinks) but she can't forgive him. And so the torture continues. I want more Chair scenes not less and I worry this Chennyapoclypse may mean they have an excuse to keep them apart.
I don't want to see Blair with anyone else or visa versa.
Chuck/Ed and Blair/Leighton are the ONLY reasons to watch the show!!!!
If we say it enough maybe JS and SS will finally get it.
Stop messing with the fans!
What you give out you get back in return.


even with the writers doing everything they can AND CANT to make us hate chuck it doesnt work. GG without Chuck or chair would be so boring.


first of all I don't think Chuck will ever gonna die.Because He is the most interesting and Best character of gg with Blair.Chuck and Blair make the show watchable.Ä°f Chuck or chuck and Blair s love don't exist in gg it will be beyond boring.And the idea Chuck being a ghost and Blair in love with that ghost is pathetic.Ä°t shouldn't be.Nobody would ever like to watch again.Ä°ts better they bring Chuck and Blair really together and in a strong but interesting relationship with hotness and passion.This is the only thing why most people watch GG.
I also think that Chuck and Jeny thing isn't that much irreperable since Chuck didn't cheat on Blair.Don't forget that Blair had already slept with Chuck suncle Jack.Blair definetly knew jack was Chuck s uncle.But she didn't refuse Jack and slept with him.That was worst than jenny thing.Come on Jack is the uncle of Chuck.She slept with Jack Just after a week she admitted her love to Chuck.Ä°t was disgusting.Blair would never told about Jack to Chuck if he didn't learn it from gg.Chuck couln't dare to admit Jenny because Blair is the love of his life and he didn't want to venture to lose her again.and he slept with Jenny because of desperation and misery.Their relationship can be salvaged but there mustn't be on and off again.they need a stable domestic relationship.WÄ°THOUT CHAÄ°R GG Ä°S NOTHÄ°NG.


I agree, if Chuck dies, Gossip Girl is over. You cannot have Gossip Girl without Chuck Bass.

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