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worst season finale ever. obviously they didn't know what to write for the episode, and came up with the most horrible thing ever. i totally disagree that ppl reacting negatively is a good thing, because then ppl will stop watching the show. Horrible on so many levels.


Sorry. No sympathy here for Jenny. She didn't look regretful about what happened, she looked like she couldn't wait to burst Blair's bubble.


chuck bass cant die cause he's chuck bass :) and whats up with all the people cursing jenny? jenny and chuck were both heartbroken. They needed some comfort and reassurance. Besides, Jenny spices up the show. She is one of the reasons why this show is so entertaining.

The Dan and Serena hookup really disgusts me. I mean they share a brother for crying out loud. Their parents are married!
I'm kinda mixed up about Vanessa coming back or not. I mean her relationship with Dan seems a bit appropriate than dan hooking up with serena. And at the same time her character is kinda boring :)

I dont know what to say about Nate right now. They need to spice up his character a bit now.

I kinda hope that Dan isn't the father of Georgina's baby. But knowing Georgina she might fake the results of the paternity test, if they ever have one......

To sum it all up, I cant wait for the 4th season of GG.


this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!! am i the only one who thinks that the show would be perfect without any of the humphry´s??? jenny sleeping with chuck what a bitch!!! dan and serena GOD not again!!!! hey producers that would be a GOOD season finale dan and rufus leaving with jenny trust me no one will miss them!!!!


oh stupid computer, what i meant was: you better fix chair & serenate or people will stop watching your show!!!!!!!


we can´t blame any of the characters for the shit we´ve got at the season finale was, the only people we can blame here are the producers and writers, seriously WTF were you thinking? chuck´s fake dead well played, but he sleeping with jenny was to much 4 me, and OMG mr loser and serena AGAIN? that really pissed me off, dan had never loved the real serena, he was always judging her,and the only reason he was with her, was because he thought she had turned into a "better" person, S breaking up with nate was soooo STUPID, you better fix ch


What a crack of shit. Seriously, you need to EXPLAIN your finale for people to embrace it??? FAIL on all levels. I wish I could erase the last episodes of this season from my brain and get some amnesia like it seems Chuck is getting, who can blame him with writing so bad? I wouldn't want to remember what I did either!


am I the only one who actually LOVED the finale?? I'm super excited to see what happens next, and I think it was a good closing for the season...it seems like everyone is on the edge of huge changes, transformations in their lives...it will be nice to see how that goes! I didn´t enjoy that much the first episodes of 3rd season, but the second half was great, and it kept getting better!!I´m pretty much pleased, one thing though...

...so sad that Serena screw things up with Nate :( poor guy...and I think Nate´s ending was kind of boring, he should´ve gone way crazier!! Like doing drugs, or attempting suicide! xD




If JS & SS really think they did the right thing with the finale by doing something SO RIDICULOUS that it gets us all to complain, they're idiots. I, for one, cannot stand them now, and really never want to watch the show again. You could easily ask me why I'm commenting then, if I apparently don't care about it, but I do. I always cared about this show. But now? I'm so angry at them for ruining (yes, RUINING) my favorite show, that I HAVE to comment. Just because people are up in arms over the finale because JS & SS created "OMG moments," does not mean we're still loyal! That episode was basically a slap in the face.

Even if the show miraculously got better, I still wouldn't want to watch because of these two behind it all. "Reassure fans"? Um, no, I don't feel reassured. Just like Chuck & Blair weren't safe, these two as producers will never allow the show to be safe. The entire season 3 was dull and predictable, and the finale was nothing but a pathetic attempt to make up for the season with predictable, over-the-top drama.

It's sad enough that you can't think of storylines clever enough anymore that you have to load up on the "OMG moments," but to pair together Jenny and her almost-rapist? THAT CROSSES LINES THAT NO SHOW - NOT EVEN THE MOST "OMFG!" OF THEM ALL - SHOULD EVER CROSS. GG never claimed to be a heartwarming, family show... this, I KNOW. But to show this on any show is so disgraceful, and honestly, INSULTING, to all your viewers. JS & SS disrespected all of us with this development, whether you're a Chair fan or not.

The funny thing is that I didn't even hate too much about the rest of the episode (despite being mediocre), but once that happened, that was it for me. I'm just disgusted beyond repair.

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