The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Under Control"

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Welcome, readers, to this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

We got a new, scary glimpse at Stefan this week. Some might even call it "sexy." Would you?

That's just one of the topics our staff debates below. While fans comment on our weekly review of the episode, we also hope you chime in on the following subjects...

The new Stefan: scary or sexy?
M.L. House: When he's doing push-ups and not wearing sleeves? Sexy. When he's breaking the hand of a dude in the parking lot? Scary.

LJ Gibbs: Scary... but awesome! I'm a big fan of Stefan, but Damon made a good point when he asked if this was an alternate universe in which his brother was suddenly fun. The guy can be a bit of a snooze.

The Barnacle: Very sexy. We just need to see a topless tussle between the Salvatore siblings and this show will instantly become the greatest of all-time.

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What will Jeremy do with all the information he's learned from Elena's diary?
M.L. House: Force Anna to turn him. She may be angry about his original, Vicki-based motivation for wanting to become a vampire... but Jeremy will explain to her what's been going on and convince her to do the deed. From there? A Jeremy vs. Damon showdown!

LJ Gibbs: Run away. What's the alternative, fight against the town's vampires? Pissed at Elena for keeping everything a secret, Jeremy will soon make like Bonnie and go MIA for a bit.

The Barnacle: Share it with Uncle John. He already knows most of it, of course, but this will enable John to get Jeremy on his side.

What does Uncle John want?
M.L. House: To hook up with Jenna again. I can't blame the guy.

LJ Gibbs: It's too early to say. But it's clear that John and Elena's father had a connection with the vampires and knowledge of many town secrets. John want to claim what he believes is rightfully his. It's just a question of what that is.

The Barnacle: He wants to be Mayor of Mystic Falls.

Will you miss Matt's mother?
M.L. House: Like David Ortiz misses his steroids, yes!

LJ Gibbs: Absolutely. I've been a fan of Melinda Clarke since her days on The OC. No actress is better at playing the self-centered, promiscuous, well-intentioned matriarch of a broken family.

The Barnacle: Miss her? She's lying in bed next to me. Score!

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
M.L. House: Damon's response when Stefan said he liked it better when his brother hated everyone: "I still do. I just love that they love me."

LJ Gibbs: Jeremy's response to Elena's classification of the Gilberts as NOT crazy: "Easy for you to say, you're not one."

The Barnacle: Alaric, making a seemingly obvious, yet important point: "I think Stefan is a good guy. But at the end of the day, he's still a vampire."

Alaric and Jenny

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John Gilbert used to help the Salvatore Family by Staking the Tomb-Vampires more than less being part of the Salvatore Family why does he want to kill his Friend Guiseppe's Son's I know their Vampires but there is no-way Elena to let him killing both of tham but i think Elena wants to kep Damon and Kill Stefan because i know how much Elena is to john and Isabelle but it's wrong to kill 2 brother but the one and that is Stefan Salvatore Damon is in Love with ELena just let Elena go to the Vampire she really Loves the most and go from there pleaase it's just not nice to kill both of tham. John just watch which Vampire Elena chosses and please to this for Elena and the Vampire she's In-Love with


So John Gilbert is part of some big, secret organization that is somehow related to vampires. I just wonder what took him so long to come to town. With how much he seems to love his town, he had to have been keeping tabs on it and knew that the Salvatore brothers were back in town.


my fav quote from last nights episode was when damon said "no elena. . . i will not go in ur bedroom with you" and i loved the look on jeremys face! i thought stefan was sexy when he was showing off his muscles in the beginning of the episode.


I don't think John mentioned he knew where Katherine was, he merely stated he knew of her. He's quite the creeper. I want to know how he knows all this information, how he's been updated on the town's happenings if he's been away. No one except the vampires in the tomb know that Stefan and Damon are the original Salvatore brothers from 1864 so I wonder how he knows all. Also...Stefan was so hot in this episode. I really enjoyed the scene in Elena's bedroom when he was being honet with her about his difficulties in the last few days and she told him she trusts was really sweet


I wish Damon would stop trying to tempt Stefan into coming over to the dark side and help him get back on the wagon. Also, Elena wasn't sufficiently creeped out by Stefan's willingness to use compulsion...or at least the way he was putting it to use. Stefan is supposed to be ethical!


Where the heck is Bonnie? And John Gilbert is definitely the most intriguing character. It seems that we well see Katherine soon. Pearl knows where she is and now John too.

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