The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Miss Mystic Falls"

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Our pulse may still be racing from last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries, but nothing will get in the way of the TV Fanatic staff when it's time to hold Round Table discussion!

In this week's edition, we hold court on the latest installment, offering up explanations and predictions on various developments related to "Miss Mystic Falls." Come along and join us...

More shocking moment: Stefan's neck bite, or Elena's vervain injection?
M.L. House: Elena's actions. This is why I like her a lot more than Bella Swan. Elena is far from your typical, passive heroine. She was brave enough to approach Stefan in his blood-induced state, and even braver to side with Damon. Can't wait to see what happens.

LJ Gibbs: Definitely Stefan chowing down on the girl. I totally expected him to stop just short and remain the moral compass of the show. Instead, he not only gave in, he changed his mind after letting her go to tap that (artery again)! What an amazing twist from a show that reinvents itself seemingly at will, while only getting more compelling. The vervain injection I sort of saw coming, given Elena and Damon's unlikely alliance taking shape.

The Barnacle: Stefan's attempte meal. I was thinking about many things I wanted to do to Amber, but sucking neck from her blood wasn't high on that list.

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Do you trust Pearl?
M.L. House: Yes. The Vampire Diaries succeeds because its characters aren't just one-dimensional heroes or villains. Pearl may have escaped from the tomb with an agenda, but she's a mother first and foremost. Anna wants to remain in Mystic Falls, so Pearl will do what she can to make that possible... and peaceful.

LJ Gibbs: Is it possible vampires can peacefully coexist, robbing separate blood banks and devouring humans on opposite ends of the same small Virginia town? Possible. Is it also possible Pearl and the suddenly missing vampires from the tomb have ulterior motives and just biding their time before they strike? Of course, and I'm guessing that's the case. I love that we, along with Damon, are left wondering this very question, though.

The Barnacle: No way. Frederick has simply vanished from town? It would be silly to believe that because Anna said so. What if Pearl is setting Damon up by giving him this invention, which places him right in John's crosshairs?

What does John Gilbert's invention do?
M.L. House: It doesn't merely detect vampires; it places them under the control of whomever possesses it. 

LJ Gibbs: It points out the presence of witches, not vampires. Wouldn't that be random?

The Barnacle: It's a can opener.

Did Caroline deserve to win the Miss Mystic Falls pageant?
M.L. House: Amber got abducted and almost killed, her body sucked of all its blood. I'd say the title of Miss Mystic Falls is the least the town can do to make up this up to her.

LJ Gibbs: Obviously not. Did you see Elena's cleavage in that scene? I can't believe Damon kept his focus... or that he remembered those dance steps after not practicing for a century and change.

The Barnacle: Probably. Just consider all those extracurricular activities she listed. Plus, she's giving it up to Matt, despite his lack of a personality. That's another charitable endeavor right there.

Were you happy to see Bonnie again?
M.L. House: Absolutely. Elena's BFF was a rather bland, confused character before. But now she's bad ass, with her eyes open to the dangers of vampires and witches and how combustible that relationship can be.

LJ Gibbs: Definitely. That month-long layoff did wonders for her hair and spell-casting abilities.

The Barnacle: No. I'd rather see more about Tyler and his werewolf-like characteristics.

Struggling Stefan

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Does anyone know the name of the dance Elena and Damon share?


aaaaahh this episode was so good! love the ending where both elena and damon sit outside the cell!


Bonnie stole the show 100%. She is so much stronger!! Its awsome!!!!


i had to laugh at the Barnacle's answer to what John Gilbert's invention does.
1 - Elena injecting vervain - i actually was expecting Damon to sneak up on Stephen while Elena had he distracted.
2 - Where is the fun in trusting Pearl
3 - If Pearl had it and couldn't figure out what it does, its obviously mystica, maybe it coincides with the Gilbert Rings
4 - Hearing the list of things that Caroline headed in the last year, were probably things the Elena would have headed - or at least helped with the concepts
5 - Seems to me Bonnie has been working on her meditation. i think she'll probably be just as powerful as Emily. KW only knows with Isobel and Katherine out there, Mystic Falls will need a powerful witch


damon and elena showed great potential as a couple in this episode... this makes me think of how good they are for each other. she is a breath of fresh air for him and damon protects her and supports her even though it pains him that she is in love with stefan. this is definitely a great love triangle in the making and I cannot wait to see it all happen.


What's this plllllllllllllllllllllllz


My answers:(1)We all saw the stefan goes nuts story on the horizon.Elena wins this round!(2)Yes, i think so.Not just cuz i think she looks soooo much better with her hair down.(3)Dunno, but i think the council wil get their paws on it at some point.(4)No. Elena HAD to win!!(5)I thought i wud be, but now that shes a damon hater no(but her hair is much improved!)


Definitely Stefan's Neck Bite, because he's the good one, u r waiting from him to stop himself, but he didn't, he almost play with her. Elena's Injection, I didn't see it coming but it was predictable that she'll do something to help Stefan. I trust Pearl, for now, do we have another choice? I don't have any idea about this invention. Yes, Caroline deserves it. Does she have anything else. She has always been in Elena's shadow, and her boyfriend still likes his ex, so give her that. I miss Bonnie. I like her new hairstyle and the new Bonnie, before she was too weak for me, now u can see that she's stronger. I understand her too, who couldn't?


I have to say anything that brings elena and damon closer together is good for me..
also though, i didn't even think about tyler and matt fighting for caroline, now that would be good
and creating a rift with bonnie and elena is good story telling particularly because i would love to see a love hate love relationship between bonnie and stefan


I would also like to know why Bonnie chased them into the woods if she was pissed at Stefan and Damon. I could take her or leave her for now. I'd prefer her to be pro vampire than against.
Stefan's actions were much more shocking than Elena's. It's predictable that Elena would do something like that to help her boyfriend and make him become what she once loved. I think many people in a similar situation (you know because of all the vampires we date) would do.
Stefan on the other hand was a bit more surprising. He was quite aggressive. And watching him fight to control himself but actually lose it.
I trust Pearl for now. I don't know how long they plan to keep her character on the show, so I think it's safe to say she's an ally for now. I have a question. Is she really Anna's blood mother?

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