The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Blood Brothers"

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

What's there to even say about this week's incredible, revealing, shocking episode of best new show on TV? Fans can think of many topics to touch on in our Vampire Diaries forum, and we can do the same below...

Was this the best episode of the season?
M.L. House: Yes. What was it missing? A fascinating flashback: check! Major character development: check! A significant death: check! A cliffhanger of an ending: check! Stefan and Damon shirtless in a scene: check (and hubba, hubba!)

LJ Gibbs: Definitely top three if not the consensus best. Last night was almost Lost-esque in its use of compelling flashbacks to reveal new components of present-day characters. Damon's bitterness toward Stefan was never truly explained, as he's too multilayered to be dismissed as merely evil. His vow to inflict an eternity of misery on his brother and admission that he was jealous Katherine turned Stefan too made for amazing scenes.

The Barnacle: Yes, and here's why: as of this writing, 48 readers had voted on M.L. House's review (great work, buddy!) and all 48 gave it a perfect rating. Power to the people.

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More startling revelation: That Stefan fed on his father, or that Stefan forced Damon to transition?
M.L. House: The fatherly meal. I'm not too ashamed to admit what I said to my wife as Stefan opened up his dad's wound: "He's going back for more!" My jaw still hurts from hitting the floor during that scene.

LJ Gibbs: Both were startlingly awesome - who would have guessed Stefan was the driving force behind the "bad" brother transitioning? - but feeding on his own, dying dad was more shocking. Definitely not something we saw coming, nor something easy to pry your jaw off the ground after. Great television, especially with the moral gray area of whether he was also responsible for his father's death in a way.

The Barnacle: The role Stefan played in turning Damon. With one piece of information, everything about this relationship was explained. Presto! That's what we in the TV business call a "game changer," folks.

Who did you miss more: Caroline or Bonnie?
M.L. House: Bonnie. I'm anxious to see the next step in her makeover.

LJ Gibbs: Caroline, although Bonnie made me think about it with that new haircut.

The Barnacle: Tyler. Can we please get more about his werewolf tendencies before the season is complete?!?

Will Stefan relapse?
M.L. House: Yes. Look, there's no Blood-aholic Anonymous. Elena may try to understand, but she'll never be able to relate to what Stefan goes through on a daily basis.

LJ Gibbs: If I were a betting man, I'd say no ... but you're going to think about it all the time now, right? What a great twist that was, Stefan falling off the wagon. Now that we know the full story of his transition, and have seen him fall victim to this innate vampire urge, it'll never be far from our minds what he's capable of, and the character will forever keep us guessing as he fights the urge.

The Barnacle: No. He has the love of a good woman. That's all you need in life.

Eulogize Pearl.
M.L. House: You raised a strong, big-hearted, kinda cute daughter. That's all you can ask for as a mother. Rest in as much peace as possible for a vampire.

LJ Gibbs: Pearl. It was nice knowing you. They could've done more with your character. Hope you enjoyed Mystic Falls' finest stake sandwich. [wait for old car horn sound] Sincerely, L.J. Gibbs.

The Barnacle: You left us too soon, just as you were starting to settle down. Uncle John did the deed, as he has evil plans for your town. But rest easy, up in vampire heaven. Mystic Falls has a savior - and his name is Stefan.

Seriously, what the heck is Uncle John up to?
M.L. House: Hmmm... he killed Pearl and will place the blame on another vampire. He's trying to make it look like there's an all-out civil war among these blood suckers in the region. Maybe he'll use that to get the law to look more closely at Damon; then blackmail him for that invention. Not that I have a clue what it does.

LJ Gibbs: I don't know, but if I were a vampire, I'd buy some metal body armor.

The Barnacle: His neck in trouble with the Salvatores, if you know what I mean!

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everyone seems to forget the invention john is looking for that pearl gave damon is not the ACTUAL invention. Jeremy has it... the pocket watch that is like a compass to find vampires. remember at the beg. of the show when elena was asked to bring the watch to the founder's day party but jeremy wanted to keep it and hid it?


Dear Rel posted May 1st: Its not the story that's inconsistent, it's your ability to comprehend things. You seem to get what's going on, kinda. But did it ever cross your mind that the reason Damon does/says thing like that is because he himself does not know what he wants/needs/thinks. He is indecisive. Its a character trait. He knows he loves both of them, but is either afraid or does not know how to show it. Or it better serves his intentions not to show it. Character trait.... haha trust me, with the amount of talent, time, and money put into this show everything, and I mean everything has meaning and reasoning behind it. It's not just some half-assed thrown together sitcom. Get it? Got it? Good!


DAMON needs to remain a wolf in sheeps clothing. He has to be a cold blooded killer for the show to be exciting. When you never know what to expect from him its great. Hes been a bit to mushy lately. LIke when he was buring the bodies and told stephen he was at the sizzler that was great. He needs to be a VAMPIRE and act LIKE ONE much more often.


sometimes this storyline is inconsistent.. "Going on a killing spree is bad." -Damon.. yes damon..that is the very reason you locked your brother up in last weeks episode... because you are trying to cover up vampires in mystic falls also last episode..damon being all like..i dont care about stefan..i hate stefan...blah blah blah admitting he cared to Elena... well didnt you admit that you cared like 3 or 4 episodes ago when stefan was getting kidnapped and's kind of already out risked your life to save his more then once...hellooo


Why did they kill that nice vampire?! That was the only scene I didn't get. When John called and Damon and Alaric said they weren't going to answer it and they just killed him! Poor guy, he was sweet! I'm also gonna miss Harper. But does anyone have an answer as to why Alaric killed the nice vampire? Was it simply because he "needed" to be killed? I don't get it!
Thanks in advance :)


I hate that they killed that sweet vampire who did no wrong to them and Harper was also sweet, I'm sad, and I loved Pearl!! But I really loved the episode and am astonished by Elena's actions, she is so brave! She would kick Bella Swan's ass! I loved the end, Isobel seems amazing! and at least Anna's sticking around, her an jer's relationship is my fave! I hope they develope more delena cause i'm looking forward to that too! It's interesting to see that it was the "good" brother who corrupted damon to star with..


I think Katherine will make her appearance in the season ending episode.


i agree with val:)




Im so annoyed they killed of Pearl she was awesome! I'd love to know more about her character. Felt really sorry for Annabell hopefully she can be a regular for the next series. I miss Bonnie. She's all powerful and hot now!

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