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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 2

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The second edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

Thank you to everyone that participated - but, as always, there can only be one winner and we've awarded this week's prize to "Meg."

That reader clearly wants to drum up some tension between characters, as evidenced by her entry. Check it out now, underneath the photo, and remember to take part in this feature every week!

Vampire Discussion

Matt: You may have a better car Stefan but I've slept with BOTH these girls.

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S: God Matt, you beside that car is sooo turning me on right now!
M: You wanna take a ride?
E: What the.....
C: Did I miss something????


Matt fixed the car coraline is upset caz she thinks she is the back up to Eleana. wich she isnt. Elean was talking to coraline caz Matt said it wasent hard to kiss in a sport car. then Matt and STEFAN comes and Matt takes caroline. and STEFAN AND ELEANA talk and stuff.


Stefan: So, Elena dumped you, and Caroline, I distinctly remember brushing you off in the pilot. What was that about second choices?
Elena: This is so not a big deal, guys


Stefan: Hey, you're like the blonde versions of us.


Matt: What was that?!
Caroline: What was what?
Matt: That! Over in the trees!
Elena: I didn't see anything? What about you, Stefan?
Stefan: Oh, it was probably the vampires from the tomb running around. No biggie.


Is it possible that EVERYONE is attracted to Stefan Salvatore? Look at how he's standing. Look at their responses. Nuff said


Matt: So have you and Elena...
Stefan: I don't think that's any of your-
Caroline: Oh they so have!
Elena: Caroline!
Matt: Can I take the car for a spin?
Stefan: Sure... just don't touch the backseat.


Stefan: Well, this is awkward


Matt: So, hey, Stefan. I was just wondering how I could maybe be like you and Damon...
Stefan: Wait, you know about us being vampires?
Matt: I was just meaning the whole tortured soul hottie that-- wait, you're vampires?!
Caroline: Like you didn't know. Vampires always get more attention that football players, Matt.
Elena: Caroline!
Caroline: It's true. His mom would know, since she went for Damon instead of Matty himself.
Matt: Okay, that's enough. My mom would never try and seduce her own son!
Stefan: I'm just gonna go now...


Matt: You may have a better car Stefan but I've slept with BOTH these girls.