Survivor Round Table: Dumbest Survivor Ever!

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The castaways made Survivor History this week, but likely for JT, not the good kind.

Was JT's decision to give a hidden immunity idol to Russell the dumbest in Survivor history?  What does it mean for Russell, Parvati, Danielle and the Villains?

Our writers were eager to give their opinion on JT's boner and we've gathered for another edition of the Survivor Round Table to weigh the merits of the worst moves in Survivor history.  Don't forget to give us your opinion on where JT stands in the lexicon of Survivor blunders.

Did JT take the title of Dumbest Survivor Ever away from Erik (Survivor: Micronesia)?

Kakdaddy: Not yet.  I don't think anyone can ever claim that title.  You can at the very least see the logic trail despite it being a completely idiotic move and I still don't think it will totally kill the Heroes chances because the Villains were too stupid to get rid of Sandra.  She is flipping the very second she gets to the merge.  The two idols still pretty much put Russell in complete control of the game, but at least there is a chance.  I still can't believe JT did it, and its definitely top 5 dumbest moves ever.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Yes! For once Amanda had something useful to say in that the Heroes don't know what is going on at the Villains tribe so they should be cautious. However, sheshould have spoken up more during the tribe's discussions instead of going with JT's hair-brained scheme. JT having it is much better than Russell Hantz!

Mr. Probst: If the tribes merge next week and JT is the first to go, then there's simply nothing worse than JT giving the immunity idol to Russell and then being blindsided by it.  At least Erik knew the inherent risk when he gave up his idol.  Erik's still a close second, however.

You're Russell Hantz: Why keep Sandra over Courtney?

Kakdaddy: There is no conceivable reason.  At gunpoint I suppose you could argue that if the merge didn't come Sandra would at least help you in puzzles, but that logic is so thin I can't even back it up.  Sandra is trouble and that was very poorly done by Russell.

Lady Gaga: Sandra can at least do puzzle challenges and provide comedic relief, who knows when the teams will merge.

Mr. Probst: If forced to, Russell knows that Sandra will side with him over Parvati and Danielle.  She hates the wicked step-sisters more than Russell, if that's possible.  Courtney, on the other hand, wouldn't have batted an eye in choosing Parvati/Danielle over Russell.

Courtney Voted Off

Who has the upper hand: Parvati/Danielle or Russell Hantz?

Kakdaddy: I actually give the slight edge to Parvati.  I could totally see her organizing a game-changing switch with Danielle and one or two others.  Russell, despite his evil, egotistical nature, is somewhat too trusting to his core alliance.  Last season he didn't have to worry because Natalie never thought about getting rid of him.  This season I actually expect Parvati to stab him in the back.  As soon as they have control of the game after the merge he needs to start worrying.

Lady Gaga: Parvati and Danielle because they have an idol that no one knows about. Russell did bring himself closer by being handed the Heroes idol, but the girls are going to blind slide him. It is evident how much Russell trusts Parvati, she was the first person he ran to with JT's note. The old Russell would have kept it to himself a little longer.

Mr. Probst: As much as everything seems like Parvati and Danielle are in command, this is Russell Hantz, folks!  Until he's dethroned as the King of Survivor (I don't count his "loss" in the finals of Survivor: Samoa) he remains the favorite.  In sports parlance, you have to go through Russell Hantz to win the title.

How long can Russell and the Villains keep up the charade of an all-female alliance?

Kakdaddy: Up until Sandra is allowed to speak to the first person after the merge.  It won't last 10 seconds after that unless JT is really that stupid (we all know that Amanda and Rupert certainly are unfortunately).

Lady Gaga: It's over at the next challenge when the Heroes get a look at the new Villains tribe.

Mr. Probst: This is something that seems like a no-brainer for Sandra to blow the whistle on or the Heroes to figure out what's going on.  Yet, so far neither has shown the capacity to do what they should be doing.  Similarly, Russell Hantz has proven time and again that what he wants, he gets. 

Will Sandra flip if there's a merge?

Kakdaddy: Without a second thought.  She has zero loyalty to Russell and visibly hates him.  She's gone the second Jeff says the words "drop your buffs".

Lady Gaga: Yes, she should. She can work some of her magic on the Heroes who will apparently believe anything and will even make up their own stories about what is going on.

Mr. Probst: Again, this should be an obvious move for Sandra, but if it was, why hasn't she spoken up yet at the challenges to debunk the Heroes misconceptions?  She is silent because she's going along with the Villains plan of outnumbering the Heroes based on their naivety.

Who's the Dumbest Survivor Ever?

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