Smallville Spoilers: The Return of Martha Kent, An Epic Battle for Earth

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It's full speed ahead on Smallville.

As the long-running CW hit moves toward its May 14 finale, it will feature:

  • A new villain
  • An awkward double date
  • A brutal, global attack

First, Gil Bellows guest stars this week as Maxwell Lord. Get your first look at the actor in this role NOW.

Then, on May 7, Annette O’Toole reprises her role as Martha Kent. She surprises her son with a new boyfriend: Perry White! The show's most uncomfortable dinner ensues, as seen below:

An Awkward Double Date

As for the ninth season finale? It will be titled "Salvation" and stop reading now if you wish to be surprised by the developments to come during this hour. For everyone else...

The CW has released the official description for the May 14 installment. It reads:

When Zod (Callum Blue) and the Kandorians launch their brutal attack on Earth, Chloe (Alison Mack) calls in some old friends to join the fight against the aliens.  Clark (Tom Welling) and Zod face off in an epic battle for the control of Earth.

How can we not tune in to see what happens?!?

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Smallville Quotes

Lana: That's too bad. I think you'd make a great class president.
Clark: Really?
Lana: Yeah. You're honest. People trust you. And you have this innate sense of justice. I can see it on your face how upset you get every time you think somebody's being mistreated.
Clark: You see all that in me?
Lana: Yes I do.

Jonathan: Sweetheart, we can't keep him. What are we going to tell people - we found him out in a field?
Martha: We didn't find him. He found us.