Nurse Jackie Review: "Bleeding"

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Excuse us for a moment. We're still laughing over Zoey's reaction to discovering that she's NOT pregnant: "Bleeding!"

Ah, she cracks us up...

While Zoey and Coop were used to tickle our funny bone in "Bleeding," the rest of the episode dealt rather seriously with the consequences of Jackie's affair.

We asked last week if Jackie actually had feelings for Eddie, and the general consensus seemed to be that there's a lot going on with this troubled nurse. She made it clear on this installment that she isn't using him for drugs (nor does she need to, with that eager, gullible pharmaceutical rep hooking her up)... so why go back to him?

The answer appears to be a mixture of low self-esteem and self-preservation. Jackie was bitter about the Alice in Wonderland debacle a week ago and simply acted out of impulse. She probably also thought that going back to Eddie's bed would keep Eddie out of Kevin's life.

But that isn't the case and Jackie made it clear to close this episode: It. Is. On.


Will Kevin ever learn the true identity of Eddie?

We may not be handsome doctors like Coop, but we can diagnosis this situation fairly well: it doesn't bode well for Eddie. At all.

Pushed to the edge, and sometimes high on pills, it wouldn't shock us if Jackie takes extreme measures in order to protect her family before this season is through.

A few quick hits regarding the episode:
  • I still miss Mo, but Sam and Thor have filled in nicely. The pair have developed an unusual friendship even.
  • Give Lenny a shot, Zoey. The guy isn't nearly as creepy as he looks.
  • Have we ever seen O'Hara so smitten? It's like there's not a cynical bone in her body when she's around her ex. Amazing.
  • Where is the show going with Jackie vs. Caitlin? That girl downright sucks.

What did you think of "Bleeding?" We've listed a bunch of Nurse Jackie quotes from it below:

O'Hara: You're going after rich people who drink. Don't think I like that very much. | permalink
Coop: I know a thing or two.
O'Hara: At the most. | permalink
Zoey: Miracles can happen everyday.
Jackie: Like the day they invented rubbers. Try using them. | permalink
O'Hara:: Hugs for the continuing education, Dr. Cooper. You'll know the next big thing, won't you?!? | permalink
Fitch: Call Ortho, tell them the face of All Saints is just about done here. | permalink
Jackie: Caitlin, honey, listen to me: Shut the f**k up. | permalink

Bleeding Review

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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jackie: I am here because I like you. Not because you have drugs.
Eddie: You like me, huh?
Jackie: What do you want me to say, Eddie?
Eddie: What do you think?

Jackie: I love this place, always remembers how I like my coffee.
Eddie: Yes, it remembers all things related to her.