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There surely have been quite a few women around Gibbs lately. I'm not sure why Hart rubs me the wrong way, Rachel. She seems to just always be in the way, like a brick wall or something. I liked the chemistry between Gibbs and Holly I don't really think she needs to come back, but it was sweet while it lasted. Diane Neal's character, Abagail, is my favorite of Gibb's ladies this season. However, there wasn't muck flirting and I doubt they'll bring her back.

Iskatie, no....I'm pretty positive there is no way Lauren Holly's character to come back, what is keeping her away is kind of...erm permanent. I do agree with you that no one has come close to their chemistry, I liked the history implied between them.



I like Hart, to be honest. Maybe because I've liked the actress in other things before this, I don't know. But when I first came online after her episodes and found that most people were really irritated by her, I was a bit surprised. Is it just because she's kind of snarky or what? That said I did find Holly a bit annoying at first but only because there seems to be SO MANY guest starring women after Gibbs, lmao. It's sort of like how many do we need after awhile? But after the last episode she's grown on me (maybe because she said she wanted to be his friend?)


Iskatie, how far along in watching NCIS are you? If you've watched beyond season 5, you'd know Lauren Holly's character of Director Jenny Shepard is never coming back to NCIS. In case you haven't seen all of the episodes, I won't spoil how and why she's not coming back.


No one has yet even come close to the chemistry Lauren Holly had with Mark Harmon. Surely there is a way to bring her back.

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