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As Detective Tom Demming on Castle, Michael Trucco knew his character might not be especially popular.  After all, Demming is standing in between any romance between Beckett and Castle.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor - who has landed a starring role on USA’s new dramedy Facing Kate - touched on this topic and more...

On shaping his character: I wasn’t totally familiar with the show, but I know in a situation like this, the dynamic between the two leads is very important... I tried to make this character really likable, really believable, so that the audience can relate to Beckett and her potential attraction. If you come off as smarmy or sleazy, you end up being the bad guy in the end, then it just feels like the audience gets cheated.

Detective Demming

On fan reaction: The most important thing is to illicit some reaction, good or bad. If some people are repellent to me, so be it. If some people are attracted to me, great. At the end, that’s the object of entertainment — you want to provoke a reaction. Hopefully, we’ve achieved that.

On returning next season: I would say it’s left open. There’s no indication either way. I was contracted for the four episodes, but you never know. I’m certainly amenable to the idea. This is one of the most comfortable sets I’ve ever been on.

Got any Castle spoilers: What I can tell you is that obviously, there’s some decisions to be made in terms of these relationships. Things start to ramp up, get heightened, and a major wrench gets thrown into the works… Hearts will be aching, that’s all I can say.

Trucco is featrued below, among a trio of photos from the May 3 episode, "Food to Die For."

Castle Guest Star Scene
Julie Gonzalo on Castle
Demming and Beckett

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