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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 206

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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy fanatics around the world, to our 206th Caption Contest.

This week's Caption Contest winner is GreysQuote. Congrats! See caption below!

Honorable mentions go out to Christmas and diane. Thanks to all for playing.

Good luck again next week!

Jackson and Mer

Meredith: So... you kill April, I kill Owen, right?
Jackson: Offspring of prodigal beings think alike, I see.

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Jackson: So you're from a medical dynasty too? Meredith: Yes, but I don't do shoulder pads, I don't cheat on my husband and I'm not Joan Collins


Meredith: I spy with my little eye something dirty... Jackson: Sloan and Torres with poundcake? Meredith:... Dammit. (I couldn't resist. :P)


Meredith (thinking): Wooow, look at that butt....niiiiice.....maybe I could just go over there....and bump into Bailey, who'd bump me into McDreamy...and go like, oooops, sorry....and touch that butt... .... .... .... Jackson (just standing there, looking pretty frickin' smokin' hot)


I think that this one is the funniest so far:
AiLing Says-
April 24th, 2010 1:50 AM
Meredith: Is that my Mom?
Jackson: Is that my Grandpa?


Thanks. :)


Meredith: I'll pay you $100 dollars if you can get your grandpa to give me a Harper Avery award Jackson: Deal! Actually I'll give you that $100 back if you can get Cristina to break up with Owen and get together with me Meredith: Deal!


love this: McShip Says:
April 25th, 2010 11:51 AM
Meredith: Who the hell is that? Jackson: That's the director... and the light specialist and the makeup artist and the other crew. Meredith: Okay...


J: So, you know that maybe you and I are sister and brother?
M: back off, pretty face...This show belongs to me!!!!
J: you're crazy, bitch!!!
M: and now you know I'll have to kill you.....RUN!!run for your life!!


Meredith: Who the hell is that? Jackson: That's the director... and the light specialist and the makeup artist and the other crew. Meredith: Okay...


Meredith: So... let me get this straight, you kissed christina?? Jackson: Hey... i was drunk!!!