Castle Season Finale Scoop: A Competition for Beckett's Affection

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On Monday's new episode of Castle, Beckett will tussle - in more ways than one! - with Michael Trucco's Tom Demming.

How will this relationship impact Kate and her partner? Executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe tells that the pair will stop fighting their feelings for each other on the May 17 season finale.

“Beckett and Castle finally realize their attraction to each other is too strong to deny, and decisions must be made by each of them," Marlowe told Michael Ausiello.

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Does this mean a romp between the sheets for Castle and Beckett? Probably not yet.

But Castle’s “not-too-subtle jealousy” over his partner’s new lover will result in “a competition for Beckett’s affection," Marlowe said.

Need we even ask fans which side they would be on in this battle?

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Absolutely no need to ask which side I'm on. I'm very glad that finally there is a show that has the courage to address the relationship between the leads rather than stringing the audience along for years with stupid plot contrivances to keep them apart. So much for stupid Moonlighting curses or the fear that it will fall apart if the show puts them together. All it takes is good writing and acting, and Castle has some very good writers. Not to mention that the sparks between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are off the chart when they let themselves do it.

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