90210 Round Table: "Another Another Chance"

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Some relationships were tested on 90210 last night, while others were strengthened.

We've reviewed "Another Another Chance" in depth and would love to hear your feedback on our take.

We're also curious about what fans have to say regarding the topics below. As always, a trio of staff members have gathered to pick apart storylines and characters in this edition of the 90210 Round Table...

Do you want to see Navid and Adrianna get back together?
M.L. House: Yes, but not so soon and not like this. These two are the show's most beloved, iconic couple. There has to be more tension and more questions surrounding their future before the pair reunites. Instead, there's barely been any long-lasting obstacles between them and no doubt that they'll be together again soon.

Dr. Shepherd: Of course! What a silly question.

The Barnacle: Not yet at least. I really liked Gia. She seemed like a strong, mature character and I was very disappointed to see her cheat on Adrianna have just one fight.

90210 RT, Take 2

What should Naomi's punishment be?
M.L. House: Carpentry. Hours and hours of carpentry with Liam. In a thong.

Dr. Shepherd: She has to be suspended for at least a week. We may understand that she never meant any harm, but sexual harassment is a huge deal and she said it herself: Naomi almost ruined that teacher's life.

The Barnacle: She must befriend Annie, hear about Jasper and get involved in the lamest, worst developed storyline in 90210 history.

Do you trust Liam's father?
M.L. House: No. Let me ask this: has a birth parent ever returned from a long absence and ever left a positive impression on a primetime soap opera character?!?

Dr. Shepherd: Sure, why not? He's given me no reason to distrust him yet. Moreover, Liam's step-father clearly sucks, so anything is an improvement.

The Barnacle: No. I don't trust anyone that sits quietly in his car in the parking lot, and then just awaits someone else, uninvited, in that other individual's basement. That is stalker-like behavior.

Based on Annie and Silver's respective, seductive outfits at the car dealership, which would you rather... you know?
M.L. House: Silver. This is the easiest question in Round Table history.

Dr. Shepherd: I'd rather tape Annie's mouth shut, that's for sure. But I have much more enjoyable ideas in mind for Silver's mouth.

The Barnacle: If I choose Annie, could she promise to never utter the name "Jasper," or the words "accident," "hit" and "run" ever again? I'd rather do her if that's the case. I'll take one for the viewers around the world.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Adrianna: Can't I just play with the band in my spare time?
Laurel: Spare time? I don't think you grasp where your life is heading.

Annie: We're gonna take that car for a ride today.
Silver: Hopefully before I get strangled by my own boobs.