White Collar Season Finale Review: "Out of the Box"

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Last night wrapped up the first season and boy did our boys go out with a bang - literally! And we surely did not see that one coming!

We were curious how everything would end and what choice Neal would choose - to follow his heart (Kate) or do what he knew would be the more honest choice and stay.

Fowler catches Peter

"Out of the Box" showed us that White Collar is here to stay!

As much as we loved how tirelessly romantic Neal is about Kate, we don't think she deserves it.

In fact. we really like Alex! She's hot, smart, and fun. Plus, from the looks of the two of them naked in the swimming pool, there is definitely an attraction there. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that next season Neal doesn't waste too much time moping about over the loss of Kate.

Speaking of, do you really think Kate died? We've got a feeling Kate is like a cat with many lives and will come back next season. Maybe she was even in on it and wanted the plane to explode with Neal in it? Wouldn't that be a dark twist?

The last couple seconds before Neal was about to board the plane, really had us guessing whether he turned around to stay or to just say good-bye. Either way, we know Fowler is the one behind the bomb. He has to be! But, how will Peter and Neal prove it?

Elizabeth's role again was just an accent part of the show. We hate to admit it, but we really don't feel any on screen chemistry between her and Peter. Hopefully next season things will heat up!

All in all, the boys knew how to bring it and kept us highly entertained throughout the episode. What did you guys think of the season finale?

Until next season, we leave you with a couple of our favorite White Collar quotes after the jump!

Peter: You said goodbye to everyone but me. Why?
Neal: You know why.
Peter: Tell me.
Neal: Because you are the only one who could change my mind. | permalink
Neal: You and Peter - how did you really know?
Elizabeth: Well, I think there is a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving who they are. | permalink
Neal: I'm an internationally known art thief and tonight I am here to rob you - cheers! | permalink
Mozzie: We feel free when we escape even if it will be from the frying pan to the fire. | permalink


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I absolutely loved the finale. I don't think Neal was selfish or unappreciative of what Peter gave him, he tried to right all the wrongs before he said goodbye. He loves Kate and as he said to Peter he just had to know if what they(Neal and Kate) had was real. It was obvious that leaving so many good friends behind was tearing him up inside. Matt did an excellent job showing that. I only have 2 requests for SO2. Don't remove the anklet(I love Candy) and let Neal work for Peter and not the OPR


I don't know how you can Peter and Elizabeth have no chemistry. They're great together.


Abstract08: You're reading a different meaning into Fowler's words. He said "I get the box, and this is over," meaning his deal with Mystery Person is over after he fetches the box for him. Considering Burke probably did not let Fowler take the music box to Mystery Person, it would be a safe guess that Mystery Person blew up the plane to make a point. Maybe he was going to blow up Neal anyway, but there's almost no way Fowler was behind the explosion. Laura: Don't you think you're being a little hard on Neal? It's not like Neal was saying "I want my life back as an art thief" when he said it wasn't the life he wanted. Over the entire season, we've seen Neal be his charming self with many, many women, but he never, ever cheats. He believes Kate is the only one for him, and that was the decision he was making. Peter wants him to not commit any more crimes, period, while Neal wants to settle down with Kate somewhere, and will break the law one more time to get her back. I don't think that's too unreasonable.


ooh and why is the music box so important to Fowler? hmm wonder what it does.
also, in the phone conv between fowler and the mysterious voice, didn't he say something like "okay after this we're done and i keep the music box" or something? so what did the mysterious voice get out of the deal..Neal and Kate dead?


fowler definitely has something above him controlling him with something important that def bothers him by the way he talked to the mysterious voice on the phone, which to me seems to be the man behind the reason for the plane exploding.
many questions arose from this episode..
-was Neal going to choose staying over Kate?
-who's controlling fowler?
-is kate really dead? and how will this effect Neal?
-what are the encrypted files on fowler's computer?
-what part will Alex be playing in Neal's life now that kate is supposedly dead?
-who was behind the plane exploding?


I was disappointed in this episode. When he told Peter that he didn't want the life Peter offered him - it's like why is Peter even bothering? Peter cares more about Neal than Neal cares about himself. You can't save a person like this. Elizabeth and Peter have TONS of chemistry and have from the the first episode. To see a happily married FBI agent! If Neal is like this in the 2nd season, I will probably lose interest in this show.


Fowler might know abt the bomb but I don't think hes the mastermind. Fowler was talking to someone on the phone from his office who he referred to as 'sir'. I think the mystery will deepen in the next season. Hopefully, Neal won't be such a buffoon, and will stick with his nice job and that nice Alex girl.


Big fan of the show, though not terribly fond of the season finale. I understand the need for a cliffhanger, but the season finale should have at least closed one old loop. For one, I have no idea what mentor is supposed to be still.


i love love love love love this show.. please summer come tomorrow for the new season. i have everyone i know watching this great show. thank you to all the writers, actors. its been such a long time since I can remember being so engulfed in a series. the actors are perfect in their roles and this has become my new NYPD Blue......



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