The Last Five Minutes of Gossip Girl Season 3: Nuts!

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Sure, he's a little biased, but Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz is pumped for the big season finale coming up this May - specifically its final five minutes.

Here's what he has to say about it ...

Finale Teaser

A pregnancy shocker perhaps? Your theories on exactly why it's "nuts," or what happens when Season 3 draws to a close are welcome in the form of comments below.

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RUFUS WILL BE PREGNANT and the Father is JACK BASS... love it hope for something awfull hapenned or some mistery gets in the story so we can't wait for s4 to beggin. chair proposal? their 19.
what if someone gets kidnap maybe jenny or a vdw kid.


Mm, the first two season were amazing.!
But this third season hasn't really had Blair being bitchy, I fell in love with her being a bitch, so all I ask is more in the showww, please makee Blair come back and go back to her old ways. (;


Chuck will propose to Blair!


I have loved the season so far! Yes season 1 and 2 were epic, but the show was just starting out, they had to pull out all the stops to keep us as viewers. I will love anything in the season finale, especially if it has to do with CHAIR!!!! : ))


RUFUS WILL BE PREGNANT and the Father is JACK BASS! obviously that would be a shocker. sorry i just had to reveal the big possibility there :) love it, haha.


I hope it's not Blair and Chuck reuniting. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Chair shipper but we already saw this last seasons finale. If this is what JS means I'll be disappointed, I want it to be something really shocking, I want it to be a great OMG moment. Maybe I'm asking for too much because, for what we've seen, OMG moments remained in season one.


I hope it's about chuck and blair's hot make up scene after reunion!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope it involves Chair reuniting
dont really care about the rest tbh


Everyone is being such a hater, lol. I've greatly enjoyed the season so far, and I'm sure the last five minutes being nuts is honestly just Josh Schwartz "shamelessly pimping" his own creation. Which... OBVIOUSLY he is going to pimp. It's how he makes a living, isn't it? I'd love to see any of the people who constantly criticize show runners start writing their own shows. Then you can all sigh contentedly as you read through all the hate mail you will inevitably receive and think to yourselves, "I used to be the person writing this. Awesome!"


I really hope that CHAIR reunite in the last few minutes! or reunite before the end or in the next season. the programme is nothing without them. I'd stop watching! it would ruin it for me! :( Please dont break CHAIR...they are strong anyway! they can get through anything eventually! I LOVE CHAIR FOREVER!

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