Survivor Round Table: "Tonight, We Make Our Move"

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Welcome to the Survivor Round Table!

Following a fascinating edition of the best reality show in history, various staff members have gathered to analyze characters and developments from last night's episode. Reader feedback on the following topics is encouraged...

Has there ever been a more unlikely scene in the history of Survivor than Coach's heart to heart with Tyson?
Kakdaddy: Only Eric giving up the immunity idol and then being voted out in Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites was more unlikely than Coach crying into Tyson's arms.

Lady Gaga: No, but what was more unlikely was that Tyson was serious with him and didn't turn around and bash coach in a side interview.  Hopefully, that will be revealed in later episodes.

Mr. Probst: Boston Rob passing out two episodes ago and blubbering on about how much he respects the game is up there, but who could have ever expected to see Coach crying?  Delusional and crazy?  Yes.  A crier?  No way.

Survivor RT

Can Russell find the immunity idol and if he does not, is he doomed?
Kakdaddy: I absolutely think Russell can and will find the immunity idol.  I also think he's playing this time around like a world-class idiot.  He hasn't made much of an effort to get in good with his tribe.  Last year he had every member eating out of the palm of his hand. 

Now he's doing things like searching for the idol when its clearly a death sentence.  Why didn't he wait until everyone was asleep?  "I'm going for a walk"  Oooooh, thats not obvious.  I don't see him lasting very long if he keeps it up - idol or no idol.

Lady Gaga: Yes, he can find the idol. However, Russell is toast unless he and Super Slut Parvarti come up with a plan.

Mr. Probst: Boston He's doomed if he doesn't find the immunity idol, but I think he was doomed before the immunity idol clue came into the game.  There's no way Boston Rob will let him hang around too long and right now Russell has no chance of usurping Boston Rob's Villain fiefdom.

Did JT make a mistake?
Kakdaddy: I want to say no because Cirie was clearly running things.  James, Amanda and Rupert aren't exactly the best strategic players and she was playing them like an instrument.  JT had to get rid of her at some point.  I also think you'd rather be with a loyal Tom and Colby.  That's a wicked strong trio.  It could only be a mistake if they keep losing, but keeping Colby gives them a better shot to win challenges.

Lady Gaga: No! The three of them will work something out. Amanda is easily swayed.

Mr. Probst: Was it a bold move?  Yes.  Did it make for an entertaining vote?  Absolutely.  Was it dumb?  Unfortunately.  Survivor has been and always will be a numbers game.  JT went from the majority to the minority by siding with Colby and Tom.

Jerri Manthey, Russell Hantz and Benjamin Wade

Will Boston Rob's dominance in challenges come back to haunt him?
Kakdaddy: Nope.  They clearly need him for anything requiring leadership or smarts and he doesn't always dominate physically so the individual immunities can still be up for grabs.  He could still go quickly after the merge if people don't trust him, but so far I haven't seen a chink in his armor.  He's solid gold.

Lady Gaga: Yes, they will kick him out as soon as the merge happens.

Mr. Probst: There will be talk about getting rid of Rob because he's such a threat to win challenges and win the game, but no one will actually do it.  He's the ultimate Godfather of Survivor and everyone is petrified of him.

Pick which tribe the winner comes from and why: Heroes or Villains.
Kakdaddy: Too many guys on the Heroes tribe are those guys/gals you "don't want to go up against in the final vote" so I will say the Villains.  You don't go up against Tom or JT or people like that because you lose.  Bitterness is a Survivor tradition and you can always count on some hurt feelings and Coach, Tyson, Rob, Russell, Parvati and Sandra have no problem hurting feelings.

Lady Gaga: Heroes. The JT, Colby, Tom alliance will go to the end.

Mr. Probst: The Heroes are toast.  Recent Survivor challenges have always had a puzzle aspect to them and as long as they do, the Villains will go into the merge with a numbers advantage.  From there, if there's a break in the Villains tribe, the remaining Heroes will only be pawns in the warring Villains sides.

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