Stella Returning to How I Met Your Mother

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The kings of continuity over at How I Met Your Mother will be bring back Stella, but not exactly how you think.  During last years penultimate episode, "As Fast As She Can," Stella made another appearance with Tony and future Ted revealed Tony would write a hit movie, The Wedding Bride based on their story.

Ted and Stella About to Kiss

Well in typical HIMYM fashion, you know we're going to get to see a movie-with-a-show version of The Wedding Bride and that's how Stella will be re-appearing.  It will be a movie version of Stella and not played by Sarah Chalke.

So who exactly do you want to see playing movie Stella?  Our vote would be someone from Scrubs as a fun throwback.  Maybe Kerry Bishe, the new narrator from season nine?  Voice off in the comments.

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I'll third that vote for Ms. Goranson


I agree with Dean. Alicia Goranson was the first name that popped into my head as well. It makes sense, considering Sarah Chalke played the 2nd Becky on "Roseanne" and Alicia was the 1st one, so it's a twist since, on "How I Met Your Mother", Sarah played the first incarnation of Stella, it fits that Alicia could play the next incarnation. :-)


How about Alicia Goransen?

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