Shonda Rhimes Steals Jason George from Bailey

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We're really sorry, Bailey.

While it's taken a long time for this Grey's Anatomy doctor to jump back into the dating pool, we can comfirm that her dalliance with Jason George's Ben won't last too long.

She can blame Shonda Rhimes for that.

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The woman behind Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice has cast George on her new pilot, Off the Map. The series focuses on a handful of medical professionals that work at a clinic on a tropical island. It's hard to compete with that, Miranda.

George will portray a character named Otis on the series. So far, the cast also includes Enrique Murciano and Caroline Dhavernas.

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Aww! Just when Bailey finally finds a guy she likes.


I agree with Sarah. I hate that Shonda is writing him off so soon. At least we saw someone for Bailey. :) Plus, he's gonna do a lot of things before he goes off. (The kiss.) Hehe. ;)


Shonda does transfer actors between her shows a lot. I guess GA was a trial run to give a bigger role in her next production. But I'm not sorry to see Bailey stay as a single parent and face those parenting challenges as a single mom. It would all be too predictable to have all the main characters as couples.


Okey ,now that Bailey finfs the love,you goes out new entry,but you don't understand,i prefer more Ben than Teddy,i understand that this woman don't know more than fish to take with this show ...i think that she's destroying GA in this season...there's a spoiler on Teddy and flashbacks on her love-life ,that i don't believe i 'll see.From NAACP that Shonda shoots its big


And they make such a cute couple too! I really wanted to see the two of them together, but I agree with sarah that it was kinda useless to bring him onto the show and then write him off so soon after. She could have saved the trouble of making the fans of the show hopeful for Bailey, but now we have to watch and know that Bailey's going to suffer, and for what? She's a good person! (I know it's only a show, but still, it's not fair!!)


Oh no mention that Shonda Rhimes has also cast Caterina Scorsone to play Dr Amelia Shepherd on Private Practice, she is Derek's kid sister dupped 'Little Shep', she will have a recurring role.


This still leaves 3 Mercy Western as part of the show. Dang I was hoping the got rid of Reed and Nosedive


The funny thing is that "Off the Map" is not created or written by Shonda, she just Executive Producer. So I think that Jenna Bans who is actually running "Off the Map" stole Gas man from GA. IMO


This is a complete confirmation that Shonda Rhimes is out of her mind. She's constantly screwing up the show. The Bailey/Gasman storyline could have been fantastic. Thanks for doing what you do best, Shonda: wrecking your own show and not giving a shit that you're alienating the fans at a remarkable pace. What's next, you canceling the entire series?


well that sucks why even bring him to greys anatomy if she was just going to write him out stupid move shonda.

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