Season Finale Pregnancy Spoiler: The Field Narrows!

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Monday, we told you about an item posted by EW regarding a character's "shocking" pregnancy being revealed on the upcoming season finale of one popular, hour-long drama.

The only question, of course, is which show, and which character. We weighed in with a bunch of possibilities last week, and it looks as if some of them are still on the table.

EW just nixed some of our predictions (The Vampire Diaries) by releasing a short list of contenders, though our top two guesses (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy) remain.

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A couple of possibilities we hadn't considered.

The big season finale pregnancy takes place on one of these:

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • House
  • Bones
  • Chuck
  • Gossip Girl
  • Smallville
  • NCIS
  • Glee
  • Lost

Which of the above shows do you think will end its season with a pregnancy shocker - and which character(s) do you think will be involved? Share your theories!

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Lexie and Alex- Grey's anatomy??


If you keep up with "watch with Kristin" and Ausiello I think I have it. Chuck is going to "Sell Out" Blair to Jack for the rights of his Hotel back. >The indecent preposal clue Ausiello provided a few monthes back, however Jack and Blair have there beef too, I can see some very horrible things in store for Queen B, as in a possible pregnency of Jacks child, NYC has devoted a window in the Meat Packing district with a huge title saying "What did Chuck do"


I'm sticking to my theory about Georgina coming back pregnant!


I want Ziva getting pregnant on NCIS! That would be sooo amazing! And I hope Tony is the father!


Grey's Anatomy : I don't think it will be Grey's, maybe Teddy, but they would ruin a lot if she got pregnant, the same with Lexie and a McBaby wouldn't be shocking.
House : Maybe Cameron, but I don't think so. And Cuddy wouldn't be very possible.
Bones : I think either Brennan or Angela, both would be possible.
Gossip Girl : That would be shocking, but one of them with a baby? Really? Only Lily would be a good option.
NCIS : If Ziva got pregnant it would be really shocking... But who is the father? But I don't think it will be on NCIS.
I don't know the other shows, so I can't say.
I think it will be on Bones or Gossip Girl.


I think it's Gossip girl as Leighton said someone was pregnant but it wasn't her if not Gossip Girl then Greys.


Didn't Ausiello say the show will be back next season?
That would exclude Lost.
I don't think Gossip Girl would survive a baby for one of the main characters. It should be Lily. Didn't she sleep with Serenas father?
Grey's already said they're not doing another baby.
NCIS' Pauley got married a while back. I just don't know how the show would work with a baby.
As for the other shows, couldn't care less...


I reckon it's going to be Chloe from Smallville.
She's at the right age for it not be another cliche but emotionally she's probably not ready, which will add the shock/drama factor.
Along with the fact that Oliver Queen will most likely be the father. Thats just my theory.


I thought it was Blairs nanny on gossip girl!


In the GG books, Blair's mum gets pregnant, so it could be her and they're FINALLY writing it in and sticking to the books.
If not GG then i vote Bones, especially seeing as how there's supposed to be a wedding happening at the end of this season.. I vote Bones - Angela & Hodgins

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