Season Finale Pregnancy Spoiler: The Field Narrows!

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Monday, we told you about an item posted by EW regarding a character's "shocking" pregnancy being revealed on the upcoming season finale of one popular, hour-long drama.

The only question, of course, is which show, and which character. We weighed in with a bunch of possibilities last week, and it looks as if some of them are still on the table.

EW just nixed some of our predictions (The Vampire Diaries) by releasing a short list of contenders, though our top two guesses (Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy) remain.

Kate Austen Pic
Brennan Pic

A couple of possibilities we hadn't considered.

The big season finale pregnancy takes place on one of these:

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • House
  • Bones
  • Chuck
  • Gossip Girl
  • Smallville
  • NCIS
  • Glee
  • Lost

Which of the above shows do you think will end its season with a pregnancy shocker - and which character(s) do you think will be involved? Share your theories!

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cameron came to get divorce papers signed. but ended up making love, to almost ex-husband. since she is coming back, it has to be her.


it's going to be cameron on house.


I know that we would all love to see a Tiva or a B/B child ... or maybe Jenny? but, i hate i break it to you all, some gossip girl site is pretty damn certain dorota is getting pregnant. I know, a bit of a let down, and dont kill me if im wrong, im not 100% about this. I really do hope its not though. i want to see tony get ziva pregnant! i can just imagine the rest of the teams reactions ...


it's probably gonna be jennifer morrison from house. that's why she comes back in the 17 episode!


I would love to see Ziva pregnant that would be the best and Tony should be the father.


After watching the latest episode of Bones, I sadly don't think it'll be on that show. That MAJOR thing with Booth and Bones, a pregnancy would just ruin it!! And if someone else was pregnant, that would that the attention away from them, which would be stupid. So right now I guess we're down to:
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl(Still don't really think they'll have 2 prenancys in 1 season)


Ziva or Abby? I WOULD LOVE IT! Or maybe hate it, it depends on who and how it'll turn out. If Ziva got pregnant with Tony's baby in Paris, that would be a big thing. But they said that Abby had something to do with season finale, so who knows? although I couldn't picture Abby pregnant. But if it's her, MCGEE should be the father! Yes they could end the season like that! Gibbs making that life chancing disicion, Abby getting pregnant with McGee's baby, and Tony and Ziva will sleep together. They did say this was the season where we would see their personal lives right? (;


I realy hope it is Jenny from Gossip girl because that would explain why she is leaving for some episodes in the 4th season.


I think we're putting way to much thought into this, and it's making us crazy! We should just wait and see who it is.


Def not Cuddy! she already has a baby and couldn't handle a second. I would really enjoy seeing Ziva, but i would really really LOVE to see Brennan pregnant..With Booth's baby of course!

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