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Sorry. It's not Private Practice. Ausiello could care less about massive coverage on PP, and he said the show gets alot of buzz from him and loud responses from the fans.

Ausiello recently twitted that it can be House, Greys, Lost, Chuck, Smallville, NCIS. Since Lost won't return next season to drag on the speculation, it's a decoy.

There is also to be guess who the baby daddy is. Which narrows it down to

1)Lexie, and after the finale have you guess it's Alex or Mark.

2)Thirteen on House and whether it's Chase or Foreman.

3)Sarah from Chuck, and it's either Chuck or Brandon Routh's character.


no, lily isnt pregnant...she's sick. they keep making it seem like cece is the sick one, but obviously its really Lily and she's seeing her ex because hes the only dr she can trust to not tell everyone...annnnnd thats why she is so scared to tell rufus


I think Derek Shephard and April Kepner have an affair and April finds out she's pregnant. Derek's sorry that he slept with April he tells April it can never happen again, that he loves Meredith and he is committed to Meredith because they made vows to each other. April scoffs, your marriage is not real you need to make your vows in front of a preacher sign a marriage license for it to be real.

This would really devastate Meredith, because she trusts Derek now, it took her a long time to trust him after he lied about being married to Addison when they first met back in season 1.


I betcha it's gonna be Ziva, and she doesn't know if it's Tony (their mysterious night in Paris (ep. Jet Lag)), or Damon Werth, the dishonorably discharged Marine who has appeared at least twice already this season.

I bet he was the date that canceled on her last week, too. :)


it most definately is not addison because in season 3 we found out that she cant have any more children


It's Jenny. She will be raped by more than one guy (she's slipped a date rape drug).






I think after much fighting and almost breaking up Callie finally talks AZ into having a baby. Callie finds out she can't have a baby and they adopt Sloan Sloan's baby. Cause Sloan Sloan don't want the baby she is pregnant with.


It can't be Addison from Private Practice. I know alot of people want it to be, but way back in Season three of Grey's, when Addison first went to California to get pregnant, Naomi told her that she only had two eggs left and that was virtually impossible for her to be pregnant.

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