Private Practice Review: "Pulling the Plug"

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As the title suggests, Private Practice tackled another impossible ethical dilemma last night - whether a comatose surrogate should be taken off life support by her spouse.

Would the title also apply to any relationships among the doctors?

If you missed Thursday night's Private Practice, our episode recap has all the details. Below, TV Fanatic reviews and gives you its official postmortem on "Pulling the Plug" ...

The surrogate mother who fell into a coma in the March 11 episode, "Triangles," is still in that state, but won't be much longer, if her husband as anything to say about it.

Addy Style

You won't believe what Pete said to Addison last night ...

While staying by her bedside, he tells Addison he wants to pull the plug on the life support systems machines keeping her breathing. As such, the babies will not survive.

The prospective parents take legal action and a judge rules Kayla must stay on the machine until the babies come to term - and Eddie is ordered to stay away until then.

Cooper gives Charlotte a check for the money he owes her. She looks for a hidden meaning, but there isn't one ... we think. Meanwhile, Dell complains to her about life.

She gives him the advice that if he's unhappy, quitcherbitchin' and do somethin'. Oh, how he takes that to heart during a visit to one of Addison's patient's with a cough.

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

When he and Coop find the woman on the floor in pain with her water broken and the baby stuck, it’s up to Dell to save the day by cracking the baby’s clavicle. Gulp.

Not only did Dell have an actual story line for once, he really came through, and Charlotte was impressed as we are. Two lives saved without Addison's help or any gear!

Where was Addison? Caring for sick Pete and Lucas. More on that shortly.

A side development of Dell's heroic day was Charlotte getting busted staring longingly at Cooper by Sheldon in its aftermath. Sheldon sees then that she wants Cooper.

After they had just bonked in his office and everything. Poor Sheldon.

Speaking of complicated relationships, Naomi wonders about Addison and Sam, and about herself, William and Fife, who thinks she's upset that William left the country.

Then the elephant in the room is finally confronted. Naomi wonders how things will, um, progress with Fife if they wish to explore physical aspects of their relationship.

Resident sexologist Charlotte gives Nae manual about sex with a disabled person. Fife sees, and assures her he can handle himself in that regard, if she's game (she is).

But because this is Private Practice, contentedness is short-lived. In the interest of full disclosure, Fife tells Naomi about William, that he is sick, where he went, and why.

Naomi buys a ticket to Switzerland. Do you think that's the right move?

As for Addison, she couldn't help Dell since she was tied up with a sick Lucas and Pete. Her reward for nursing them back to health? Groggy Pete says: “I love you, Violet.”

Oh. No. He. Didn't.

All that would have been enough to leave us with a cliffhanger, but what a doozy awaited us after Charlotte unlocked the door to Kayla’s room to let Eddie see his wife.

Sam and Vanessa hear an alarm that Eddie unhooked the ventilator, prompting Sam to break a window to enter and reconnect the machine, but his efforts are in vain.

That's because Kayla is breathing on her own now. Wow. Just wow. What an unexpected and emotional ending to an episode that already ranked high on that scale!

Phew! What did you think of Thursday's Private Practice? Comment!


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Addison & Pete just need to give it up, they just can't work when they're in love with other people!
Do you remember when Addison said to Mark in the crossover "I can't fall in love with a man who's in love with someone else, that much I know I can't do that again" so what the HELL is she doing with Pete!!
The stuff with Lucas was amazing though, seriously fell in love with 'Mommy' Addie, it was just so cute!
When Violet comes back next ep its all going to kick off, can see it coming!
Oh and the Addisam stuff was like cute hotness, the way they looked at each other in the soup scene it was like they were dying to say I love you. Just go there already!! Seriously they have to give them a shot, they can't leave it like this, who cares about Naomi, she's in Switzerland (bad move, seriously stupid) just give Addisam a chance!


Loved this episode, edge of my seat stuff right at the end, thinking the mother carrying triplets who is in a coma, suddenly starts breathing, I honestly thought her husband killed her. Pete calling Addison Violet, not a good thing. I really like to see Addison and Sam get together they have been friends for a very long time and they both need some happiness. And Charlotte should just admit she still loves Cooper. I love Cooper and Charlotte as a couple.


The soup scene was my favourite too. It was priceless.


I loved this episode!!! Naomi and Fife were beyond cute and funny!!!
and I loved that Pete said I love you Violet!! he cant denie his feelings for her no matter how much he thinks he wants Addison...he is not over Vi!!
i cant wait to see her comming back next week!!! Im sure she ready to be a mom now!!


That soup scene with Addie and Sam was the highlight of the episode! So much love! They need to be endgame! Addison and Lucas were totally adorable, though I wish she could take care of her own child like that. Loved Naomi and Fife! They are cute together. The medical case is heartbreaking. Excited to see how this will end! And I'm really looking forward to Violet coming back.


Addison and Pete both know they love other people. It won't work. I want Addison and Sam to get it together ASAP. So much chemistry between them and him bringing her soup when she was sick was freaking adorable. Hottest pairing on TV right now.

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