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Addison & Pete just need to give it up, they just can't work when they're in love with other people!
Do you remember when Addison said to Mark in the crossover "I can't fall in love with a man who's in love with someone else, that much I know I can't do that again" so what the HELL is she doing with Pete!!
The stuff with Lucas was amazing though, seriously fell in love with 'Mommy' Addie, it was just so cute!
When Violet comes back next ep its all going to kick off, can see it coming!
Oh and the Addisam stuff was like cute hotness, the way they looked at each other in the soup scene it was like they were dying to say I love you. Just go there already!! Seriously they have to give them a shot, they can't leave it like this, who cares about Naomi, she's in Switzerland (bad move, seriously stupid) just give Addisam a chance!


Loved this episode, edge of my seat stuff right at the end, thinking the mother carrying triplets who is in a coma, suddenly starts breathing, I honestly thought her husband killed her.

Pete calling Addison Violet, not a good thing. I really like to see Addison and Sam get together they have been friends for a very long time and they both need some happiness.

And Charlotte should just admit she still loves Cooper. I love Cooper and Charlotte as a couple.


The soup scene was my favourite too. It was priceless.


I loved this episode!!!

Naomi and Fife were beyond cute and funny!!!
and I loved that Pete said I love you Violet!! he cant denie his feelings for her no matter how much he thinks he wants Addison...he is not over Vi!!
i cant wait to see her comming back next week!!! Im sure she ready to be a mom now!!


That soup scene with Addie and Sam was the highlight of the episode! So much love! They need to be endgame!

Addison and Lucas were totally adorable, though I wish she could take care of her own child like that.

Loved Naomi and Fife! They are cute together.

The medical case is heartbreaking. Excited to see how this will end!

And I'm really looking forward to Violet coming back.


Addison and Pete both know they love other people. It won't work.

I want Addison and Sam to get it together ASAP. So much chemistry between them and him bringing her soup when she was sick was freaking adorable. Hottest pairing on TV right now.

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