Life Unexpected Music: "Formal Reformed"

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Last night was winter formal on Life Unexpected, so you know you could expect some good music from this show's always impressive soundtrack.

Winter Formal Scene

Looking to get the name of the songs being played while Lux was choosing between her two men?  Look no further than the songs below, which we have links to the iTunes store as well as lyrics where available:

  • Mike Doughty - "(I Keep On) Rising Up" Mike Doughty - Sad Man Happy Man (Bonus Track Version) - (I Keep On) Rising Up
  • Miss Eighty6 - "All The Way Up"
  • Susan Howard - "Ballistic"
  • Jupiter Rising - "Foolish" Jupiter Rising - Electropop - Foolish
  • Daphne Willis and Co. - "Love & Hate" Daphne Willis - What to Say - Love and Hate
  • Joshua James - "Lovers Without Love" Joshua James - B-sides It's Dark Outside - Lovers Without Love
  • The DeeKompressors - "Rock the House"
  • The Lost - "Save a Place"
  • Matt Nathanson - "Still" Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope - Still
  • Mozella - "Thank You" MoZella - The Straits - EP - Thank You

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