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An episode in which Richard is looking to snag surgeries, Mark wants a committed relationship, Bailey's asking Callie for dating advice and Meredith Grey is the mature one?

Definitely not your older sister's Grey's Anatomy!

While the dynamic between Derek and Richard and Owen grew intense and even more complex, both Bailey and Mark ventured out of their comfort zone romantically.

It was fun to watch these developments, even if they were a bit over the top. Click here for our recap, quotes and music guides, then read on for our review of "Push" ...

MARK SLOAN, FAMILY MAN: Mark has come to terms with the fact that he's sad and lonely and wants to date, but that doesn't mean he knows how to accomplish it.

Seriously. The guy is a bumbling idiot all of a sudden? Wasn't he just in a committed relationship? When he asks Teddy out, it's like he never talked to a woman before.

Sadness in Seattle

Poor Little Grey thought Mark wasn't really moving on.

Thanks to some encouragement from her new friend Arizona, Teddy then decides to say yes ... with the expectation that Mark Sloan being Mark Sloan, this would just be a fun fling.

Now that we find believable.

Owen makes the same assumption, and warns Mark that Teddy deserves better than. Great scene when Mark indignantly tells him he's actually the piece of meat in this equation.

Later, after Teddy waffles again, he tells her they should have lunch and get to know each other, because he, Mark Sloan, wants to build a future and doesn't want to waste his time.

Just like that, it's on! Next week, Mark and Teddy reportedly hook up, which will just make Lexie even more depressed, as she was convinced he was just trying to make her jealous.

Looks like he's really moving on. Without her.

An interesting side plot to the Mark-Teddy setup is the role played Callie and Arizona, now all of a sudden the couple others aspire to be like. But is there trouble on the horizon there?

At the end, Callie shares a fantasy of them living in a big house with a bunch of kids years down the road, but Arizona says that she's not interested in having her own children. Hmm.

Also a great little wrinkle? Meredith telling Owen to back off and let Teddy be happy. We love how Mer is now such an adjusted adult with perspective and a great part of an ensemble.

Cristina was actually happy (and even funnier than usual) this week too - imagine that!

THE POACHER: We never thought we'd see Richard Webber in this situation, but such is life in Season Six. The ex-Chief totally wants in on Owen's patient and his football-sized tumor.

Derek will decide who gets it after hearing their plans. Cristina works with Richard so she can spy for Hunt, but he catches on and bribes her into becoming a double agent. Hilarious.

Ultimately, Derek picks Owen's, which is more exploratory, and Richard tells him off, saying a chief should encourage surgeons to approach problems their way, not the chief's way.

When the surgery starts to go haywire, Hunt brings Webber in, and they team up to remove the tumor. Awesome moment. The patient lives. As does Richard's resentment of Derek.

First Kiss Alert!

Ben is really bringing Bailey out of her shell.

CONDOMS: Bailey's been out of the dating game so long, she doesn't even know where to find them. But when Callie tells her the third date is usually the sex date, she freaks out.

As Ben makes her dinner, he senses she's uneasy and calls her out, telling her to have a conversation rather than give a speech. It took six seasons for someone to stand up to her.

She respects it, too. The Bailey speech about what she is and isn't comfortable with was brilliant, because it was so heartfelt, but also for the way Ben stepped in and took control.

While we love the fact that we get to see one of our favorite characters' social life at long last, and go through insecurities everyone else deals with, do you think they take it too far?

The line between tough and vulnerable is tough to walk, and Chandra Wilson does it as well as anyone. But she's still an adult, and at times, the vulnerable aspect was a tad overdone.

The waxing and condom discussions seemed a bit forced, but other than that, we're happy with this story line and thought the episode was solid overall. How about you? Comment away!

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?


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I dunno why, but the scene where Little Grey broke down in the washroom when she found out that Mark was moving on, was so so heart wrenching. It was so sad and Chyler was perfect in it.. It was painful to watch.


OMG!!!! So we start with the bumps in the road for Callie and Arizona. That just seemed so weird. AZ didn't even look like she was serious when she was saying no to the kids. They have been so good together it is going to break my heart to see them go through a struggle. But we already know from seeing AZ's interview that they are headed for trouble. (Bumps in the road) I'm hopeful that in the end they will work this out. Cause AZ also said they ALMOST break up and then get back together. We all know that sometimes AZ calls things wrong and after thinking about it she changes her mind. (As in there first date she didn't wanna date Callie cause she thought Callie was a new born) LOL!!! I think Callie needs to think about her telling Sloan she is in a good loving commited relationship before she does something that will tear up that good relationship. AZ has been strong loving Caring and there for Callie everytime Callie has a problem. Everyday AZ works with sick and dieing kids and she sees what parents go through. So she don't wanna be a part of that. I understand what she is saying. The Callie and Bailey scenes where cute. And loved that Bailey felt comfortable enough with Callie to ask for advise. The hug Callie gave her was adorable. But I can't understand it. Callie stood and watched her g/f break down and cry in front of the apt the night her little patient died and Callie just stands there. And Callie don't even hug her. But she hug Bailey. Just weird!!!!! I think one writter needs to be focused on one relationship instead of having the writters take turns. It makes the actors not true to there truth. Just like we all knew that Mer seeing Owen being jealous over the thoughts of Teddy and Mark having a date would totally piss her off. And if he didn't know that he is dumber than I thought. Hmmm getting a little tired of the Derrick and the Cheif thing. Chief needs to go back being the cheif and Derrick needs to get back in the OR!!!! Mark needs to grow a pair and stop being stupid. Enough sleeping with the nurses. I don't think the thing with Teddy is going to work out. He needs to be back with Lexie. But I see the writters twisted little minds laying the ground work for a Callie and Mark pairing again. Cause they want the same things. Mark my word this isn't going to end up being good for Callie. He is going to hurt her bad. I have taken her side in all her relationships but if she hurts AZ I'm not so sure I will. I love them both. But I hope if Callie hurts her that she hooks up with Teddy. To me AZ has seemed interested in Teddy since day one. And I think Teddy is bi-sexual from the talk that Owen had with Chris about Teddy leaving her job and joining the army after her friend died in the tower. The friend that she wears birds on her scrub cap in memory of. Oh I'm done and you all are probably glad. LOL!!!


I wouldn't give up on mark and lexie yet. The latest pod cast leaves an open door. The podcast also paired Mer and Cristina as the big couple base. Merder don't even get a couple mention


Oh cara, if only Shonda and Kirsta would really be open to listening to the fans, I'd be so much happier with GA than I am now. To have an episode when MerDer walk in together looking so happy and then not even speak to each other the whole episode makes me so cross. It's like the MerDer marriage is only a support story, no longer worthy of any further development. The only time any story line will be developed is when they have a tiff. All of S6 episodes are probably nearly written by now, so I don't expect any sudden increase in MerDer time any time soon, sadly


MerDer4EveR I was wondering if there were parallels to MerDer's break up in season 4. But Mer realised pretty quckly that she made a mistake in walking away. She had to resolve her many issues to get herself to the stage where she could go back to a fully commited relationship. MerDer want babies, but I don't think any storylines will be leading that way anytime soon. Lexie was doubtful about moving in with Mark, and it's her career plan and not being ready for babies that will stand in the way of getting back together with Mark, despite their being in love. Mark's relationship agenda is not to look for anything other than someone who has the same goals of family etc. Lexie turned that down, she wasn't ready. Mark has finally arrived at that stage of his life, He wasn't ready, so he should understand Lexie not being ready surely? Not sure about Teddy. At least she's somewhere near Mark's age. But a couple both on the rebound from serious feelings of love, not sure if it'll work in the long run


I agree with you cara. I think married writers should write for MerDer. There is alot you can do with them and to create drama even though they happy. They should also get legally married.. their wedding was stolen by A/I which thinking about it now was such a waste and a big dissapointment to us MerDer fans!!


come to think of it....merder is STILL NOT LEGALLY married... there can be some insecurities from that fact for both of them....geez! the writers really need to be more creative.


merder, even though happily married, can still have story lines what normal married people has to go through if both are extremely competitive and in this show's case, works in the same industry too! there are alot of avenues the writers can take advantage of...i just hope they're not naive enough to consider the main attraction of the show which is their evolving love story and relegate merder as simply a support role


I hate Teddy and Mark together too! There is no chemistry at all and everything seemed forced. He wants to try and move on and she wants someone other than Owen..
Mark mention to Callie that Lexie left him, and Lex crying on the floor shows that they are so not over.
Right now, Mark reminds me of Derek in Season 4 when he was pushing Mer for the house/marriage and he was trying to 'move on' with someone else who want those things because Meredith wasn't ready. Teddy is Rose! And I bet that at the end of the season Lexie and Mark will be together again..


I think Lexie was hoping that she had left Mark as devastated as she was when they broke up. Lexie has adopted a getover a relationship sex which isn't ringing true to her character. I can see Avery being in her future, next season. Shaonda says GA doesn't do babies, but here's Mark saying he wants a family life. That's what Ad wanted from Mark after Der left, and mark wasn't ready. IMO Mark will always have a thing for Lex. The only way they'll get back together is if she walks away from her ambitions to develop her career and settle down to a committed relationship. Lex is not ready to go there yet.

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