Greg Grunberg: Hearing "Good Rumors" Regarding Return of Heroes

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Perhaps more than any member of the Heroes cast, Greg Grunberg likes to talk publicly about the prospects of his show and the hopeful path it's on.

There are just two problems with his outlook: the series is absolutely atrocious; and of course Grunberg hopes it will be renewed. NBC signs his paychecks!

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, the man that plays Matt Parkman talked about the possibility that Heroes will actually return for a fifth season.

“I'm hearing rumors, I'm hearing good rumors,” he said. “We clearly did not wrap up the overall lure and story of Heroes [in the season finale]. I love the last episode. I thought it was awesome.

"It was really exciting that [Claire] jumps in front of all the press. We'll see, I just felt like we do need to wrap this up. I think it would be great if they announced two more seasons or something like that."

TWO more seasons?!? And you thought the finale was awesome, Greg? Even the most loyal Heroes readers on our site absolutely tore that boring episode to shreds.

Parkman and Sylar

As for criticisms the show has faced, Grunberg says it "tried some different things" over the past season or two.

"I think it's just getting back to the roots of the show, which is, it’s a character show, a family show [with] the family relationships within the show. Think that's what we need to do,” he said.

We've asked before and we'll ask again: Do you wanna see Heroes return for a fifth season?

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I hope it returns. But I hope it improves. Heroes has been a sad tale of wasted potential. After season 1 I looked forward to years of good television viewing from Heroes, but we all know what happened after that. Thats why fans get so pissed about Heroes. Wasted potential.


from season one, i never felt heroes is boring. Plus, i can't wait for the next monday to come.
Although there are lots of questions in my head about the plot, i still love heroes because the show is different from other shows. And i know it is not easy to create a show, so if you think that you are so good at writing stories, why dont you go to their office and be the writer yourself? You seems very confident at criticizing others work right M.L House?


I don't agree with what Greg Grunberg is saying, but I understand where he's coming from; you're never supposed to say anything bad about what you're working on. I'm involved in the drama program at my school and our teacher is constantly pounding it into our heads that even if your director is the biggest bitch you've ever met, you smile and say s/he's the sweetest person you know. Also, how much work is he going to have without Heroes? Personally, I would like to see a fifth season (not with the same writers, but that probably won't happen), but that's probably all I'll be able to stomach. I've noticed they have a way of promising something awesome, and then... not. I was going to say, "falling short" but that cliche doesn't even fit, because it was worse than just falling short. BESIDES, it'll give me a whole another season of M.L. House reviews that I have grown to love (seriously, best part of heroes! then the second best is the hypocrisy of people saying that you're bashing Heroes, and proceeding to bash you)!


House: You know something, I have been reviewing your website for the past two seasons and I fail to understand your clear resentment to the show. It feels as if you have some personal beef with the show and the people involved with it. I mean, be critical but also be sensitive to the 50% plus people who have voted on YOUR poll saying that they absolutely want another season for Heroes. I voted that I want another season. Are you saying that im wrong?? or that over 500 people are wrong?? (500 coz over 1200 responded on the poll so 50% of 1200 is more than 500). Im sure you will reply to this message with disregard and bash me for saying all this as well....just showing how insensitive you are.


@Maj Have you seen the voting? 50% of people want it back, with another 34% wanting new writers. Only 16% of people on this site have said that they don't want it. I'm not on drugs, nor is Greg. Do you even know what loyal means?


I am a loyal Fan and M.L House is absolutely right. Mark you are BLIND!!! Greg Gunbrug are you %$#$ SERIOUS? "I think it's just getting back to the roots of the show, which is, it’s a character show, a family show [with] the family relationships within the show. Think that's what we need to do,� This is a line that was used last season for this stupid REDEMPTION ARC. THATS RETARDED!!!! Heres what I think you need to do GREG, LAY OFF THE CRACK....You need to say FIRE KRING AND THE WRITERS...THAT WAS THE WORST SEASON FINALE I HAVE EVERRRRRRRRR SEEN. HOW do you explain, do, and stop a STUPID EVIL PLOT in one episode.....MARK you need to LAY OFF THE DRUGS too...Loyal Heroes Fan my ASS! Your only Loyal if you know that the Heroes we all once loved is going into a Big SHIT HOLE!


M.L. House, you've become very defensive and passive aggressive as of late, and I'm worried about your emotional health. I hope they DO cancel Heroes just for your sake. I don't know if you can handle another year of this. I'd hate to see you become the Elvis or Heath Ledger of Heroes suckiness whistleblowers.


There's a difference between "critisizing" something and "bashing" it for the hell of it, just like it's not because people hated the finale that they suddently think the whole season was terrible (I'm one of those people by the way, if it isn't obvious). Of course some people think they detain the absolute truth...
Not sure the writerS are the problem though... As loyal as I am, I can't be optimistic as long as Kring is around. The guy managed to do character assassination and a gigantic inconsistency, in only one episode, which happened to be the finale. That's got to be a record.

Matt richenthal

@Mark: Sorry I didn't include the phrase "except for Mark" in there. I really should account for every specific Heroes comment. Overall, a vast majority of fans that had criticized me for bashing the show all season came around and absolutely hated on the season finale, finally realizing how incredibly low this terrible show has sunken.


"Even the most loyal Heroes readers on our site absolutely tore that boring episode to shreds." I fail to see the part where I tore it to shreds?

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