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I was thinking something along these lines, like what if Bart wasn't Chuck's real dad. But wouldn't his will have said "Chuck Bass" in it, so it doesn't really matter. The company should still be his.


lol, Chair&Naley, "Good catch"


I didn't even notice the Fisher/Bass thing.
Good catch!


the whole fisher/bass thing is a good point!
and i loled so hard when i read the thing about a chace/blake baby! and yeah, you're right, their baby would be haw-ot!


I loved chair scenes in this episode they are so sweet as a real couple. i loved when she kissed his cheek after telling him he is not alone and that she is his family. it made me want to cry. i am still not into the serenate relationship. they could be something but i don't know if i will ever see them the way i see chair. both couples did start similarly. both had one of the pair sleeping with the others best friend. chair jujst had to fight more for their relationship. jenny was good tonight back to herself a little. rufus is a hypocrite. he slept with lily the night before she was supposed to marry bart so how can he not realize that this is something she might do. Just a theory but what if jack is really chucks father and and bart knew this and it is why he sent the mom away but she always loved bart but because she lied to him he couldn't have her be a part of society and make him look like a fool and why jack is always kept so far away and why he did not get the company. this could also be why he wasn't ever able to be close to chuck. just a far fetched idea but it could be something.


Oh my God, for that episode to be the comeback episode for Gossip Girl was really pathetic. There was almost no drama.
Nate and Serena have no chemistry at all together. They are just a bunch of blondes with bad acting skills going at it. Who cares if they were meant to hook up since the show began, they suck and nothing will change that. And they have no one to blame but the actor and actress.
Jenny was a little overbearing for me with her boring drug storyline and her whole relationship with Damien, but I prefer them over SereNate any day.
Dan was my second favorite part of the show and so was Vanessa. Why? There was almost none to none of them in the episode. Yay!!! Please keep it that way.
Chuck and Blair storyline was the only interesting and heart-warming one in the episode. I feel so bad for my baby. He was so miserable throughout the entire episode and then to find out the truth, but to have the truth backfired really hurt him. I love how Blair was always there for him and how she chose to be with Chuck over her society meet. How much do we love Chair? I’m really excited to find who the woman really is.
I do not want Jack Bass to come back!!!
Chair Forever.


I have a theoric but is pretty out-there so bear with me: what if Chuck is adopted!? I mean, what if Bart and "C's mother" adopted Chuck from this woman and Jack find out and we all know that he wants the Bass money and taking Chuck out of the picture would make him the only live relative...

Like I say is pretty out-there.


finally the perfect couples are together. Love Serenate together,i want to see there whole relationship play out.


1) Jenny questioning Nate "you're taking advice from someone who has a Cabbage Patch Doll?" Nice family awareness Little J.

2) Both. The first half was a boring recap of all the stories they should have put into their own episode, but couldn't because of the hiatus. The second half with the party was pretty good and sets up the next few episodes nicely.

3) The drug mule work is an extra-curricular activity for J. It's nice that she got to combine her love of drugs with her love of fashion though. Lets see more of that.

4) Which couple will last longer... Chair or Serenate...??? Chair has lasted since the summer, so they have the advantage, but I think both are more interesting as frustrated singles rather than loving couples.

5) No she isn't! That would be a piece of fuckery akin to Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower and declaring that everything that had happened in the last year had been a dream.


Favorite quote; besides Blair just being the perfect girlfriend to Chuck :)
"It’s Anna Karenina — you never read it. Don’t worry about it."

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