Fly Girls Bring Sexy Back ... to Air Travel

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Yes, it's a reality show about flight attendants. Can Fly Girls (clever title) be the CW's answer to MTV's Jersey Shore, a mid-season hit reality show no one saw coming?

Highly doubtful.

Just the same, the ladies make their debut Wednesday night, allowing us a glimpse into the lives of five Virgin America flight attendants as they jet around the country.

Enthralled yet?

Fly Girls

Right half-hour episodes will feature the attendants sharing a home in L.A., working long hours while dealing with grumpy passengers and partying on their layovers in HOT locales such as Las Vegas, Miami Beach and New York City.

Wow. What awesome places for ... layovers.

The series promises "stories filled with romance, family and friendships." No clue if any of them will be asked to join the mile high club during the season finale.

“Everything that you are going to see is real – all the relationships, all the reactions,” executive producer Jeff Collins said. “The series itself has a lot of twist and turns in it, some of it is very personal, and that’s all real. You can’t manufacture that.”

Have you seen The Bachelor, Jeff? You absolutely can manufacture it. Still, it's an experience producers hope will give Fly Girls an edge over other reality shows.

Can it? Are you at least curious?

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