FlashForward Review: "Blowback"

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Last night's FlashForward, "Blowback," began with Aaron in a prison, which was fitting.

Whether Aaron’s calm one-man-army approach to getting his daughter back, Janis’s determination to have her baby now regardless of the risk, or Zoey’s mad dash to try and save Demetri, the decisions that the characters made in tonight’s episode revealed just how imprisoned they are by their foreseen futures.

Aaron’s turn to letting the “beast” out tonight was terrific.

His calm demeanor once he realized Tracy had been kidnapped by Jericho made his actions even creepier, from his brutal assault on Mike to his slick confrontation with Erskine to his horrorfying act of leaving the brutalized Mike hanging where Erskine’s young daughter would see him.

Aaron Stark Scene

His delivery during his call to Mark letting him know that he was dropping off the grid to go find his daughter made us quickly realize that Aaron was not a father to mess with.

That being said, doesn’t Aaron seem to be a little overconfident in his abilities to take down a worldwide security firm like Jericho? I mean, he was naïve enough to fall for Mike’s birthday call trick and wound up revealing that Tracy was still alive (We always knew Mike was bad news. Not too bright, either – rule #1 about kidnapping a man’s daughter: you don’t go get burgers with said man right after!).

But he is following his flash and believes that he’ll safely be reunited with Tracy.

Another person putting perhaps too much faith in her flash was Janis, who is determined to be pregnant as she foresaw, despite the risks such an early pregnancy would bring about given her gunshot wounds. She could just wait until she is completely healed, but she is dtermined to have that baby she saw in her flash and no other. Look, we think Janis will make a great mom – her speech to Demetri about her baby being out there, making its way to her radiates motherly love – but why not wait it out until she can safely have that baby. After all, her flash revealed that she was pregnant, but it did not show whether or not she brings the baby to term.

And by the way, Janis, we hope you enjoyed that beer with Demetri. If you do go ahead with this pregnancy, it’s your last for at least nine months.

Zoey and Demetri have far more pressing concerns about their flashes: Demetri’s death. Zoey spent the entire episode driving a wedge between her and her fiance in the present to try and change the future, going so far as to serve his boss with papers (we’d rather take the lunch) and to represent Alda, the terrorist Demetri has locked up. She even confronted Mark about the killing that he cannot fathom commiting. Demetri was initially furious at her meddling until Janis (possibly drunk on her final beers) explained to him that Zoey was doing it out of love. This led Demetri and Zoey to go and destroy the gun that would be used to kill him. However, when they went looking for it at the end of the episode, they learned it had disapeared. Perhaps the flashes are not as easy to escape as Zoey had once thought.

Several questions remain after "Blowback" ...

  1. What will Janis, Demetri, Vogel and Simon find in Somalia?
  2. Will Mark’s daughter’s flash hold the secret to who D. Gibbons is?
  3. Where is Mark’s gun?
  4. If Timbaland is making a cameo this week, how far off is the Nelly Furtado appearance?

Blowback Review

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