The Newest Grey's Anatomy Guest Star: Demi Lovato

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Teen phenom Demi Lovato, singer, songwriter, actress and girlfriend of one of the Jonas Brothers, is coming to Grey's Anatomy in an upcoming episode, according to E! Online.

Details of her role are just coming out, but E! reports the following this morning:

"Well, she is moving in on Izzie's man Alex! OK, not really, but Demi and Justin Chambers are shooting a scene together tomorrow morning on the set of Grey's Anatomy."

We'll have more for you on this (cute!) guest starring scoop as we learn more!

Demi Lovato

What type of role will the Disney channel cutie play?

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She will be playing a Patient with skitzophrenia who will be treated by Arizona and Alex. Sheesh! Read the internet! LOL


Wow cut the girl some slack LOL. Shes only really been in disney and that restricts you too this smily face kids crap. But she might actually be good at branching out


Read on another site that Demi Lovato played a patient of Alex and Arizona.


I think it's great that Demi Lovato will be in Grey's Anatomy. I am not a big fan of her, but if more people start watching because of her, then great... She is just an actress!! You don't need to hate her just because she is on Disney Channel...


Please let Demi be Alex Karev's little sister Amber.


I just don't understand why they would pick her.
Easy. Publicity for May sweeps. Just look at how this has been reported on so many sites already including People, Us Weekly, TV Guide Access Hollywood, etc...


Hmmm, if she's a patient she better die pretty quick because her acting is terrible. GA is not a kid show, so idk why they would bring her in. Not that I totally hate her, but I just don't understand why they would pick her.


Demi isn't playing Alex's sister. She's playing his patient in episode 6.22.


She is Alex's SISTER!
in one of the previews Aaron says the Amber? was 10 when Alex last was home - 7 years... that means Amber is now 17. Demi is 17. She could be his sister!
OH GOODNESS! i dont know if i am happy about this, but i think that Demi will deff. be playing Alex's sister...


ok have kids, so I do know Demi. Her show is a "must" see in my house. Its a good show for kids but as far as acting is concern, well lets just say it is a kids show. She is an average actress but may also be because of the character. I guess she went to a cast and did good and this is why they picked her. I am not thinking she is going to be Karev's sister because I see it kind of unreal that in the end of a season they bring not 1 but 2 Karevs to the show when before this weeks show we did not know anything about his family. Also his brother already came for medical advise so not real now sister will show up.
How many shows until the finale, anyone knows?

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