The Newest Grey's Anatomy Guest Star: Demi Lovato

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Teen phenom Demi Lovato, singer, songwriter, actress and girlfriend of one of the Jonas Brothers, is coming to Grey's Anatomy in an upcoming episode, according to E! Online.

Details of her role are just coming out, but E! reports the following this morning:

"Well, she is moving in on Izzie's man Alex! OK, not really, but Demi and Justin Chambers are shooting a scene together tomorrow morning on the set of Grey's Anatomy."

We'll have more for you on this (cute!) guest starring scoop as we learn more!

Demi Lovato

What type of role will the Disney channel cutie play?

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allow the people close their eyes
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What is your earliest memory?


could you please just shut the hell up .. what's with the complaining, everyday complain complain.. ur hating a girl before even watch her , who told u that she'll ruin the episode??? did u watch?? this site is becoming SHIT !!! everyday i see an article and i read an article i see complains everywhere : "We don't like greys anymore, i'm hating grey's everyday.. the show is going in no direction.. this season has been awful .. katherine heigl is ungrateful.."" oh please shut your mouth already and stop your awful comments, you re making me and all the fans sick !! it's nice to give your opinion when there's something wrong with the show, but there are limits, and you are passing them a lot , every 1 good comment is followed by 10 complaining comments !!" please cut grey's some loose it suffered a lot this season and we need to stop our complains and to keep watching and give it a chance..


I don't think it is a good idea to have a Disney star on the show but hey, at least its not Miley Cyrus :P

Call me meredith

I kinda think she will be and i hope she is Karev's little sister Amber, cause 3 a's (alex, aaron adn amber) and he hasnt seen "amber" since she was 10 and amber would be 17, and demi is 17!!
I hope it's his sister :)


There's no mention that Happy Days mom Mrs C, Marion Ross is also guest starring in the same episode as Demi Lovato. I can't wait to see Marion Ross, loved her as Mrs C. Hope her character is just as lovable.


ew noooo!!!!!! grey's anatomy is so disappointing me every day!!!! george, izzie, alex/izzie all those storylines sucked big time!!! and now a girl from disey as a guest??? nooo!!!


=O this is shocking news. honestly i cannot imagine her as a schizophrenic at all, i'd like to see how this plays out.


Lauren you crack me up! let her die quickly? I do watch her show because of my daughter and I feel bad for her! She is still learning and yes, Sunny with a chance is a kids show but she does fairly good and also did a movie and she was good. It will be interesting to see how she plays a patient with schizophrenia, its not easy.

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