90210 Review: "Rats & Heroes"

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Welcome back from winter break, 90210 fans: Where did you spend the holidays?

We're just kidding... but it was a little weird to have the students returning from Las Vegas, St. Bart's and other winter vacations, wasn't it? That aside, the episode "Rats & Heroes" set the stage nicely for the second half of season two.

Let's start with the storyline that has received all the buzz leading up to this return installment: Gia and Adrianna. This sudden closeness feels forced, but at least the kiss between the gals had an ulterior motive:

Adrianna wanted to help Gia make her ex jealous. We can buy that. It's far more preferable than having these two actually develop feelings for one another so quickly, although we all know that's where this is going.

Still, can we take our readers' pulse: what did you all think about this sudden bond? Would Adrianna really have called Gia in such a panic because she had a sip of rum? Drugs, not alcohol, was always her problem.

Burgeoning Relationship

Annie, meanwhile, has a problem of his own - and his name is Jasper.

It's taken a long time for this storyline to get going, and it's a little strange to trace it back and make sense out of Jasper's thinking (Did he always plan on blackmailing Annie? Did he actually fall for her and this was a last-minute threat to save the relationship? It seems like the writers themselves didn't figure it out until the last moment.)

But Zachary Ray Sherman has done a great, creepy job with Jasper and we can certainly sympathize with Annie when the episode concludes. The development would have been more effective if it took place sooner, though.

We're sorry to say, but we stopped caring about Annie a long time ago.

As for Dixon and Silver? Blah. These two were our favorite couple when they were together and clicking... but now it just feels like the show is spinning its wheels until Silver gets together with Teddy. Can't we just start that relationship already?

Quick note to Debbie: Your yoga instructor? The response to that should: NO-ga!

Finally, we come to Liam and Naomi. In a word: hot! In two words: very hot! It makes perfect sense that verbal communication would not be the basis for this relationship, as the pair really are quite different (he builds boats, she sun bathes on them). But a birthday suit is a nice look on Naomi. That's all it takes sometimes.

But can we find a guy for Ivy please? We know she isn't actually over Liam, but we doubt she'll ever wrestle him away from Naomi. And that surfer chick is awesome!

What did you think of the episode? Talk about it in our 90210 forum and relive the best 90210 quotes from it below:

Jasper: We're soulmates. Know what that means? Soulmates, they're forever. | permalink
Naomi: I'd feel naked without it.
Silver: Why?
Naomi: Because I'm naked without it. | permalink
Ivy: Liam, get over yourself... cuz I did. | permalink
Liam: This is boring.
Naomi: It's not boring. Deck panels are... rad. | permalink
Adrianna: Didn't know you were in AA.
Gia: Sort of what the "anonymous" is about. | permalink
Annie: It's complicated.
Naomi: What's complicated about it? He's a drug dealer. | permalink


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I just watched this episode on you tube coz were only on episode 10 here in ireland it was brill the best episode of 90210 so far i realy liked the way there doing the ade gia kiss but i think who ever promotes the show done it all rong they made it seam that ade was going to just turn gay over night


Ahhg! I really feel that Naomy and Liam shouldn't be more than friends, I can bet they will not be together longer, but I really want to see him with Ivy again is just that Naomi should find someone like her. I also want to see Teddy with Silver because she really likes him! he was adorable with her, and Dixon wasn't a good friend betraying him and lying Silver about Teddy's sister! I want to know what else is coming about Annie and Jasper, he's a jerk! Poor Navid... If Adrianna is going to have a relationship with this girl Gia I think she will be super confused and that stuff I don't know, juts can't wait till next episode!


I think expectations are skewed on the Gia-Ade front by the spoilers/previews. If you didn't "know that's where this is going" then you wouldn't be looking for the cracks. Avoid spoilers! Shows are better without 'em. Or at least don't make assumptions. Ivy-Naomi convos are win. I don't buy liam-naomi anymore, but the I-N scenes are worth it. =) Overall, a really, really good opening ep.


I think expectations are skewed on the Gia-Ade front by the spoilers/previews. If you didn't "know that's where this is going" then your reactions would be totally different and you wouldn't be looking for the cracks. Avoid spoilers! Shows are better without 'em. Or at least don't make assumptions. Ivy-Naomi convos are win. I don't buy liam-naomi anymore, but they I-N scenes are a benefit. =) Overall, a really, really good opening ep.


Alcohol is a drug ...?


Naomi n Liam weren't tht hot but still luv them


Geez. I agree Annie bore me a LONG time ago!!! Hahaha!! Loved Liam and Naomi's awkwardness. Funny but they will soon get over that. Nothing like going for a boat ride. LMAO these two are so HOT together!!!!and I have to agree Silver Dixon yawn. Over them for now. I also agree Ivy needs some loving too :)


love the Annie and Jasper storyline , really don't see the connection anymore with Liam and Naomi, they should just call it quits. Love Ivy , they should pair her with Navid , now that would be hot!!, hate teddy and Silver together, Teddy looks 40 years old come on casting people at 90210 jeez.


I disagree! So do all my friends! we all think that the jasper and Annie storyline is by far the most interesting. We love seeing her friends "care" now and Annie calling them out on sucking.... we also want to see them come to her rescue and get annie out of her situation and all be bondy again... I HATE the adrianna Gia storyline...so forced... I'm beginning to think Liam was better with Ivy... Ivy is SO awesome... Dixon is irritating... Debbie has an affair and Harry leaves her? Hm...it could work. I actually like that they're taking time to put silver and teddy together, because that means they'll last longer...instead of taking the gossip girl approach with taking one episode to build up a relationship then another one to break them up. I WANT ETHAN TO COME BACK AND COME TO ANNIES RESCUE! OR AT LEAST CARE AND ASK HER HOW HE'S DOING?!?!?! If Annie hooked up with anyone it should be navid and not Liam..


Love the Ivy scenes...I hope we'll see her MORE next week ! Cant wait The episode was okay...But not awesome...after this hugee BREAK :@

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